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Our Last SuccessTracks Education Experience was on
Entitlement Consumerism 


Coming Next Week!

Danny Rosin from Brand Fuel will share thought a provoking Education Experience 

Danny Rosine 2013 PPAI NALC

In this video from the PPAI Leadership Conference,  

Glen Hersh talks with Danny 

Click Here for the Video!


Education = Success! 

One of our supplier supporters, Fields Manufacturing has
a passion for education. 

Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram from Fields
shares why they believe education is so important.

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Sorry if This Offends You...Part Two

Smash in Face from Computer

In our last issue we heard from many people. Amazingly, most folks agreed with what we shared. If you missed that article, you can find it here. In our follow up article we share some of their insight with you. This is good stuff! 
We welcome your thoughts on this important topic.  
As FreePromoTips continues to push forward relevant industry discussions, we also are presenting some great SuccessTracks Education Experiences
Our session on "Entitlement Consumerism" presented by Sydra Newell from SnugZ USA, Grethe Adams from Southern Plus and Charity Gibson, from Green Banana Promotions touched on a unique concept. Our other panelist, Andrea Smith from Vernon was unable to participate in this session, but she will be back in a future Education Experience. The recording of this Experience can be found here.  
We have two profit generating sessions coming this month. On Thursday, October 25th, Danny Rosin from Brand Fuel will present "The Business Fulfillment Project". On Friday, October 25, Phil Martin from Warwick will show you how to "Create an Annuity for Your Business" .
Find the product on the SnugZ USA website or catalog and get a sample of this great new item. 
Everyone wins and one person will get a FREE self-promo order! 
See below for details. 


Make it a great day!  


Jeff Solomon, MAS





It's Lip Balm, It's Mints... 
All In One Convenient Double Stack Jar!
Find this item in the SnugZ USA catalog or on their website. 
ONE person who identifies the product will win a FREE self promotion order of the product. Everyone who submits a form will get a FREE sample. Entries will be accepted through Thursday October 10th.
Everyone wins...with a FREE sample of this hot product!
Don't Miss These Education Experiences!
FPT SuccessTracks Online Learning Experiences  
 "The Business Fulfillment Project"
Thursday October 10th, 10:00 AM PST 

Does your business want to make a profit, take care of employees, communities, and the environment? In this SuccessTracks Learning Experience, Danny Rosin will share some ideas that you can test in your business, with your customers and your community.  
Presented by: 
Danny Rosin Headshot  
Danny Rosin
President of Brand Fuel and a PromoKitchen Chef
Presented with Support from Hit Promotional Products
Attendees Receive a Sample of a Hot New Sample from Hit!

"Creating an Annuity for Your Business"  
Friday October 25th, 10:00 AM PST 
Don't overlook the opportunity you have to help your clients and help yourself by being selling this proven effective branding tool. In this SuccessTracks Learning Experience you will learn everything you need to know about profiting from this classic item AND get a FREE selling kit. Invest an hour of time to make your business annuity grow!  
Presented by:
Phil Martin
 Phil Martin
National Sales Manager, Warwick



SuccessTracks are brought to you by:
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Cool HydroPouches from Jetline!
With a video featuring Spud

Whose Fault Is It? 

In my last article, No Single Raindrop Believes it is to Blame for the Flood
I touched on a nerve. That wasn't really a surprise. We assumed some might be offended and that we would receive some good comments. We did. If you missed the article, it can be found here.


Even as a commodity, what we sell is a branding and awareness building staple. It's fascinating to me that those who degrade our industry with fervor STILL use these products.
In California, Governor Brown ordered state agencies to stop buying items like California coffee mugs, flashlights, bumper stickers, water bottles and other items known as "swag" or "stuff we all get."

"Having these plastic doodads or whatever they are, we don't need them. They cost millions of dollars. We don't need that stuff," said Brown. (Ah...but the Governor used these "doodads" and got elected!)  Click here for the rest of the article!