Meet the candidates and attend a useful seminar!
Here are two great reasons to attend this one-of-a-kind event:


1.  You can hear Meca Walker and John Schmude on the same stage as they speak and debate about who is the most qualified and whose vision is best for the 247th Family District Court.  Then you can evaluate each candidate in our "Straw Poll" and also vote on which candidate is the most qualified.  The results of this "Straw Poll" will be sent to the Chronicle and other news outlets.


2.  The property division seminar should be one of the most useful CLE seminars you have ever attended (or 50% of the fee will be refunded to you).  This is not the typical seminar with the usual cast of "high dollar" lawyers talking about esoteric subjects that us regular attorneys almost never get involved with.  Here is just one example of the super practical topics you will learn about:


Inventories: Forms, Local Rules Traps, Admissibility, Inventories As Admissions and as Evidence 

  • Can the judge exclude evidence under the Local Rules if one side does not file a sworn inventory or files the inventory less than 10 days before trial?
  • Does the inventory need to be introduced as evidence and what are the three solid grounds for admitting an inventory?
  • Can separate property be proven with just an inventory and a party's testimony?
  • When is the opposing party's inventory a judicial admission that can be used to your benefit?
  • Can we all just stop using the old TFLPM Inventory Form and instead attach a streamlined spreadsheet that the judges really prefer?
  • Did you know that under a new law, the inventory does not have to be witnessed by a notary?
This seminar will show how various scenarios should be shown on the property division spreadsheet and explain fraud, waste, reimbursement and tracing in ways that you will use in the majority of your divorce cases.

Space is filling up fast and we are limited to 120 attendees.  Please register ASAP!

P.S. - Even lawyers who are Democrats should attend this event because we all want to influence who will be elected judge and we all need to know the law on dividing property in divorces, regardless of how liberal or conservative or apolitical we happen to be.


Attorneys are invited to a Judicial Candidate Forum, Straw Poll and Property Division Seminar on Tuesday, April 29. 
This event is sponsored by Republican Moms for Good Judges, a General Purpose Political Action Committee formed by Maisie Barringer, Marcia Zimmerman, Shari Goldsberry, Christina Tillinger and Catherine Healy.

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Date & Time:Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - noon until 4:30 p.m.

Location: Irma's Southwest Grill, 1314 Texas, Houston, TX 77002

Cost:  * $100, which will be a donation to this General Purpose Political Action Committee for use in the May 2014 Primary Runoff Election

CLE:  2.5 hours CLE

*  Greg Enos is providing a guarantee that the seminar will be one of the most useful, practical seminars you have ever attended.  Enos will refund half of the seminar fee if you write him after the seminar and say it  was not one of the most useful seminars you have ever attended.

This event will feature:
  • Meca Walker and John Schmude, candidates for the 247th Family District Court of Harris County
  • Alicia Franklin, candidate for the 311th Family District Court
  • Anne Darring and Wilfried Schmitz, candidates for the 306th Family District Court of Galveston County

Licensed attorneys who pay for the seminar will be able to evaluate each candidate and then vote for the most qualified candidate in each race.


The practical, fast paced seminar will explain and explore divorce property issues focusing on practical, real world questions attorneys face all the time.   Speakers will address these topics: 

  • The most persuasive way to prepare a sworn inventory and property division spreadsheet. 
  • How to show on the property division spreadsheet such issues as 401k loans, the proposed sale of a house, waste claims, reimbursement claims, etc.
  • Local rules traps and inventories as admissions.
  • Family gifts and "loans", house refinancing, insurance and injury claims in a divorce.
  • Characterization rules and presumptions
  • Valuing and dividing retirement plans.
  • Reimbursement claims explained.
  • Fraud claims: how  to prove and defend them.
  • Practical tracing for the real world.

The notebook from this seminar will become the most useful part of your law library because these topics are dealt with every day by "real world" divorce attorneys.  

Republican Moms for Good Judges PAC, in compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act, Christina Tillinger, Treasurer
17207 Feather Craft Lane, Webster, Texas  77598