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Kathy Caprino, M.A. - Breakthrough Expert and Speaker for Women

Kathy has recently joined forces with Synergy Partners USA - a boutique executive search firm based in Wilton, CT - and is serving as VP of Marketing and HR Recruitment.  And we're hiring!!
We help leading employers in CT, NY, and NJ connect with top talent in the fields of marketing, financial services, administration, and HR, to help fill their mid- to senior-level positions with successful, committed and growth-oriented professionals. 
We're seeking a seasoned sales and new client development professional with 5+ years sales experience to help us expand our reach to HR and hiring managers at Fortune 1000 companies in CT, NY, and NJ.
If you're looking for a new position supporting a great team of executive search and recruitment professionals, we'd love to hear from you! Please send your resume and cover letter to kcaprino@synergypartnersusa



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April 29, 2011
Featured Speaker on "Breakthrough to Balance"
National Association of Professional Women -

First Annual Conference

Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NYC

Keynote Speaker: Ivanka Trump

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Ellia Communications, Inc. is a career and executive coaching and marketing consulting firm dedicated to helping women achieve breakthrough - in their lives and work, relationships, and in their businesses - to create the success and fulfillment they truly want.  

Ellia offers transformative coaching, seminars/workshops, marketing consulting and resources that help women and organizations achieve their highest visions of passion, power, and purpose.

Kathy's book, Breakdown, Breakthrough offers a powerful, holistic guide to overcoming the 12 hidden crises women face today.

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Phone: 203-834-9933
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Hello! Hope your June has been a great one so far.


Today's newsletter presents a very different angle on career reinvention from what you typically hear. 

It explores what I call the "Myth of Career Bliss" - the misguided notion thousands of disenchanted and burnt-out professionals believe today -- that chucking out your career and coming up with a radically new one will solve all your personal and professional problems. 


As a career and executive coach, executive recruiter, and work-life researcher, I can tell you that running from your current career won't solve your problems. Only addressing your challenges head on, with courage and clarity will. 


Please read the article below for more...


If your career or your business needs support to grow, I hope you'll reach out.  Please see below the full list of services that my firm Ellia Communications offers professionals and entrepreneurs.


Also, as you may know, I've recently joined forces with the boutique recruitment and executive search firm Synergy Partners USAand we're hiring!  See below for more information. 


Finally, please stay tuned for some exciting news about a new online career development training course I'm developing for professional women!  Let me help you bring your career and professional life to the next level of success, fulfillment and reward!


Thank you for your continued interest and for being in community with me.  Means the world. I so appreciate your comments, feedback, and input.  Keep 'em coming!


Many happy breakthroughs, 



P.S. Let's connect!  You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  I'd love to hear from you. 

Why Chucking Your Career Won't Solve Your Problems (Usually)

by Kathy Caprino


I've spent eight years working with individuals to achieve successful professional growth, change, and reinvention.  I know a good deal about the process personally too, as I've traversed a number of diverging career paths over the past 20 years, including corporate marketing, market research, marriage and family therapy, coaching, writing, speaking, and executive recruitment.


If you asked me my views on career reinvention five years ago, I would have said some very different things than I do today. 


 So what's different? 


In the past three years, I've learned what's required to navigate through highly challenging financial times while at the same time successfully achieving a more fulfilling professional life. 


I'm not talking about pie-in-the-sky, follow-your-bliss nonsense here.  I'm talking about real-life positive career and life change that lasts and continues to reap benefit and reward.  (And a word to the wise - many coaches won't share this information with you.)


The Myth of Career Bliss


As new clients come to me - both men and women -- I see an alarming myth that thousands of midlife individuals have been led to believe.  It's hitting baby boomer women hard, and honestly, I don't see this same myth prevalent in younger generations.  I call it the "myth of career bliss" - the damaging notion that all it takes to make your life happier is to chuck out your old, unsatisfying career, and come up with a new one, despite what else is falling apart in your life.


Here's how the story goes:


A midlife woman comes to me after 15+ years of corporate work.  She's awakened to the following realizations, and they hurt:


 -  It feels as if her work has no contributive value in the world any more (for instance, she feels she's "selling" something that doesn't matter at all or isn't of positive influence in the world)


-   She's bored out of her mind doing the work she knows best


-   Her family needs her substantial income of $100M+


-  Her husband and children have grown accustomed to her overfunctioning and her perfectionism, and don't want things to change too much. (Note: she handles over 75% of the domestic responsibility as well as her full-time job, and she's worn out, stressed and depressed.  And her overfunctioning has held her husband back from contributing his fair share, financially, domestically, and otherwise.)


-  She feels an urgent need to change her personal and professional situation


-  She's in a financial trap, not having saved enough money to take several years off to re-strategize, gain new education or training, and reinvent her career path


On top of these stresses, there are relationship, behavioral and other issues with her family members (elderly parents, children, spouse, etc.) that need urgent addressing


- Despite the fact that numerous dimensions of this individual's life are truly in "breakdown" mode, she believes that it's a new career she should focus on, as (in her mind) that will bring her life the joy, peace, excitement, meaning, health, and purpose she longs for.


The problem is, it's simply not true. 

In her case -- and for hundreds of thousands of individuals in the U.S. today -- it's not a wholesale career change that will bring you the satisfaction and peace you want.  Instead, it's taking hard, urgently-needed action that addresses the root causes of your troubles that will make the difference in your career and life.

Busting the Career Bliss Myth: The Top Six Steps You Need to Take to Change Your Life for the Better

Here's what you have to do to change your life and career for the better... and it isn't job change, for now. 

Click here for the full article...and PLEASE share your comments on my blog!



Let Us Help You in Your Career or Business!


Below is a brief recap of the services my firm - Ellia Communications -- and Synergy Partners USA offer.  Let us know how we can help you and your company help achieve your career and business goals. 


Each of these services helps individuals and organizations attain their highest visions for growth, success, and reward.


Ellia Communications - Career and Small Business Support 


Ellia offers the following programs and services for individuals and for corporate women (click on the links below for more info):


Career Coaching


Executive Coaching


Leadership Coaching


Workshops/Seminars/Keynotes for Professional Women


Marketing/Business Consulting for Small Businesses/Entrepreneurs  

Further, I've just launched a powerful 12-month Career Enhancement Program for Corporate Women.  I'm thrilled to be in talks with three Fortune 500 companies to bring this program to their corporate women this year.


This yearlong, career enhancement program is sponsored by employers who are committed to supporting the growth and success of their female talent. 


If you want top-level support to address your most pressing work-life issues and attain your highest professional potential, please share this with your HR leader, and ask for this program to be brought to your company today!


For customized career and executive coaching programs seminars and workshops tailored to your or your organization's needs, please write to or call 203-834-9933.





I've also recently joined forces with Synergy Partners USA -- a boutique executive search firm based in Wilton, CT -- and am serving as VP of Marketing and HR Recruitment.


Synergy Partners USA has 11+ years of successful experience in specialized recruitment and executive search in the fields of financial services, administration, human resources, and marketing, in CT, NY, and NJ.


If your organization would like help filling positions in the above fields, please feel free to reach out to me at or call me at my SPU office at 203-210-7791, ext. 23.  We'd love to help!





We're growing! 


Synergy Partners USA is seeking a sales and new client development professional to help us expand our reach to even more Fortune 1000 organizations who would like assistance filling their mid- to senior-level positions in marketing, HR, finance, and administration. 

If you have 5+ years of sales and new business development experience, and you're interested in joining the Synergy Partners USA team of top executive search and recruitment professionals in Wilton, CT, please email me a with your resume and cover letter.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


Kathy Caprino, MA 
Ellia Communications, Inc.
Phone: 203-834-9933
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