Why Relationships and Personal Connections STILL Matter...

A couple weeks ago my Monday started with ink on my hands.  You guessed it, I pulled and dropped pens on the floor before I realized TWO had exploded in transit.

Thus began my week burning 40 precious minutes cleaning up. 

The following day a $20,000 order at the proof stage, cancelled. And, because bad things come in threes, I wrapped up the streak losing a nice size reorder because I just couldn't get back to the client quick enough and they went with someone else. 

One thing to be said about this business, there are sure swings of highs and lows. Everybody has the same good days and bad days. And on the upside, the same week something unexpectedly  good happened. 

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Here a Few Videos from the SAAC Show in Beautiful Long Beach... 
Saying You're a Promo Consultant Doesn't Make it So

Changing your title without changing your behavior
won't get
you the results.
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