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Why is This Important?

I see the industry from many sides both in my role as publisher of the PPAI award winning, and as distributor. My perspective is different from most and that enables me to publish content that is of interest to our industry.

For 10 years has been focusing on content, and as a result we have become a valuable resource. More distributors are  opting in to receive our twice a month content driven E-Newsletter. And more suppliers are seeing the value of reaching the marketplace through our multi-faceted, relationship focused approach. We do this through effective e-marketing, our social media reach, using informative video, and of course, sharing relevant content.

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If You See Something, Say Something Even with Promo Products

One phrase you see frequently around airports, train stations and other public transport areas is: "If You See Something, Say Something." This is a phrase designed to alert and  protect. Law enforcement and security teams urge people to pay attention and assist them by reporting suspicious activity. 

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When living in today's age of technology, consumers have access to product information available 24/7. Whether it's product selection and availability, pricing, customer reviews, or more, the internet has made it imperative to establish your place in the market. 

C ustomers are less likely to utilize your business if you haven't earned their trust. And once you have earned it, it's just as important to retain it. Once trust has been broken, it can be near impossible to repair it.
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Straight Answers Beat Sales Ploys Every Time...
While it's important to maintain control of the sales process, reliance on verbal tricks and sales ploys will often backfire. 

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It's amazing what can be done if you put your mind to it!  Check out the story here.
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