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 Here's a Quick SuccessFit Intro from Muscle Beach 
Learn About SuccessFit
in This 1 Minute Clip
PPAI Hall of Fame Inductee Paul Kiewiet, MAS Shares Some Words of Wisdom from His Incredible Hike to the
Top of Mount Kilimanjaro 

 This High Impact Towel  from TerryTown is just one
of the Items you will receive in the SuccessFit "Exercise"  at the 2015 PPAI Expo!
Why Should He Do This?

What drives Andrew Spellman, from Victorinox Swiss Army participate 
in a challenging
Tough Mudder event? 

Does an
Electroshock Therapy obstacle featuring 10,000 volts sound fun? 
We'll learn more about this and other physically challenging events in the future. Follow what people are doing away from the office on the SuccessFit Facebook Page! 
This IS actually a Shoe Box. It's from a brand that I had never heard of...Altria. In my new world, hanging out with people from Runners Lane, a local running group, I've learned about all kinds of shoes I didn't know existed. I love my HOKA shoes...another brand I wasn't aware of. 

Check out the text that is on the side of this Altria Shoe Box. This company is focusing on the experience of using the product...not the actual product. We can apply this concept to our industry. The product is important, but if the product can reflect on positive experiences...it's marketing brilliance!

I've been inspired by the things people do for fun and fitness away from the office. This is why we created SuccessFit, a new FPT content component. We are presenting information from a variety of contributors on how fitness impacts our personal lives and business success. 

You are invited to post what you like doing to stay active in the new FreePromoTipsSuccessFit Facebook Group.

Our featured commentary in this issue, Why Should You Do This? includes content contributed by Lee Strom
from SanMar. There is some good information here! 

SanMar is one of the many sponsors providing products for our innovative SuccessFit "Exercise" Fundraiser at the PPAI Expo benefitting PPEF. This your opportunity to get quality products from a few great suppliers AND support a good cause. Details are below. 

Make it a great day!

Jeff Solomon, MAS

Get Cool Stuff!  Support Education!
FreePromoTips.com SuccessFit is an innovative program that presents content from a variety of contributors on how fitness impacts personal health and business success.

At the
PPAI Expo in January we will have a fun "Exercise" that enables you to connect with some quality companies and receive cool Success Fit products, like the 2 in 1 Safety Arm Band from Mi Line.

Don't worry! You won't break a sweat. Participation simply enables you to receive things you will use and you can show your clients.

To support the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) and to identify participants, a modest $9.60 donation is requested. This amount commemorates PPEF's 96 scholarship recipients in 2014-2015.

To allow suppliers ample time to produce
FPT SuccessFit products before the Expo, 
the registration cut off time is coming!
100% of this participation fee goes directly 
to PPEF supporting education scholarship

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Connect with Other Like Minded People...

Why Should You Do This?

I'm writing this while recovering from a big race in our town.Sitting here sore in a few places, I ponder why I've started this whole running and fitness thing. 

The answer is pretty simple. Beyond the little pain I'm experiencing now, I actually feel great. In reality there is much more to it than that. 

 As I reflect back on Sunday's event, I'm pretty blown away by what I can do these days. For years I was a cripple from an old motocross racing injury, which caused the kind of pain that controlled my life.
Click here for the full story and some thoughts from SanMar's Lee Strom. 


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