Ready to share your spiritual gifts?
This week I've been focussed on STEP SIX of the Seven Step process and it's all about TRANSFORMATION.

My readers and students frequently ask me about training to become a workshop or group facilitator, so they can share their passions with others.

But there are some critical issues you need to know about if you plan to start running your own events (even if it's just a small group.)

I'm currently preparing for my next SPIRITUAL MASTERCLASS where I teach everything I've learned about the facilitating learning and spiritual growth in others. My colleague and I were discussing the event and decided to film part of that conversation and share it with you.

So just grab a coffee or green tea and click through. It's only 20 minutes but could change everything...

I'LL BE LIVE ON FACEBOOK LATER THIS WEEK (Thursday at 6pm UK Time) answering questions about Angels & Seeking your Inner Wisdom.

The event two weeks ago attracted over 3000 viewers so I hope you join me again and share the broadcast as soon as we're live.

Simply click here or keep an eye on your Facebook feed (Facebook account needed):

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