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'Why Muslim women can't marry non-Muslim men'?
Shaykh Abdullah Ali

Why are Muslim men allowed to marry Christian and Jewish women but Muslim women are denied the same opportunity? A recent article suggest that restrictions on Muslim women preventing marriage to non-Muslims are unfair and unreasonable. Indeed one 'progressive' Muslim says:
"From a progressive Islamic viewpoint the Islamic faith encourages marriage, but it does not limit to whom a person should marry, i.e., their particular faith, race, and even sexual diversity"  
   In response to this and questions that Muslims have had about the issue, Shaykh Abdullah Ali will be on our Lamppost Education Initiative Facebook page on 'Facebook Live' from 6:30 to 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time on Friday, March 24th to briefly address the issue and answer your questions about it. 

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"Islam & The Problem of Black Suffering with
Dr.Sherman Jackson
Based on his fascinating book, "Islam & The Problem of Black Suffering”, Dr. Sherman Jackson responds to the questions posed by theodicy as it relates to Black suffering in America. Listen to this important session from one of the foremost scholars of Islam in America. 
Tears of the Yearners For The Meeting With God
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This last chapter entitled 'Khitam al-'Am' focuses on the preparation for death with a variety of Qur'anic ayats,hadiths, wise quotes and poetic verses that assists the reader to comprehend and reflect upon the gravity of death and the Afterlife.
This work reflects upon the question of whether or not we should long or hope for death; and how some of the luminaries of Islam approached death. The book contains a foreward from Imam Zaid Shakir, the Arabic text of the original work, and more.
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