Why would the Professional Women's Network (London) recruit a man for VP?

The PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S Network (PWN) London is proud to announce the appointment of Greg Young , as Vice President for Balanced Leadership of the UK city network of PWN  Global. PWN works to accelerate gender balanced leadership in business & society through hundreds of events and activities which promote professional development and international, cross industry, online and in-person networking.
In addition to being an experienced board level coach and facilitator, Greg is CEO of LeaderShape Global, a UK Headquartered leadership development organisation that specialises in developing transpersonal leaders and organisations that are fit for the 21st century.  A passion for Greg is working with women leaders, preparing them for higher office frequently in male-dominated environments.  He is a published author on developing women leaders and is a speaker at international events.

At a recent meeting, Greg explained how successful women have often looked to cross-gender support to break traditional power imbalances:

Women's Empowerment
Women's Empowerment

Greg says his vision of women's leadership in the 21st century is to: " Foster & nurture the engagement of men in organisations, such as major corporates, to help them generate plans to promote and develop a strong pipeline of women leaders.  Their organisation will perform better in a more uncertain world; the more diverse one's strategy the greater the breadth of thinking strategically. It is proven that gender balance is one way of empowering that broader vision."  
In recent years, the rate of growth of women entrepreneurs has been at least double that of their male counterparts, heralding a Golden Age for women entrepreneurs equipped with inspiration, know-how and funding.  In this second short interview, Greg explains why Balanced Leadership is essential for corporate and organisational success in the modern world:

Balanced Leadership
Balanced Leadership

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