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These Short Videos Give You an Inside Look at the PPAI  NALC in Chicago...

 PPAI Chairman of the Board 
Marc Simon 
Marc Simon NALC 2013  
PPAI President and CEO  
Paul Bellantone
Paul Bellantone PPAI NALC 2013   

 PPAI Chief Operating Officer
Bob McLean
Bob McLean PPAI NALC 2013
Gemline President 
Jonathan Isaacson 
Jonathan Isaacson PPAI 2013 NALC


Incoming PPAI Chairman 
Mark Jenkins 
Brand Fuel President 
Danny Rosin 
Danny Rosine 2013 PPAI NALC
Jetline Chief Marketing Officer 
Dana Zezzo

Crown Products - Sales Mgr. Jay Paparone
Jay Paparone NALC 2013
PPPC President & CEO  
Ed Ahad 
Ed Ahad NALC  
Product Safety is an Important Topic that
was Covered at the
Product Safety Summit 
     PPAI Product Safety Summit
Prime Resources CEO 
Rick Brenner 
Rick Brenner 2013 PPAI NALC
PPAI Public Affairs Director 
Anne Lardner-Stone 
  Anne Lardner Stone PPAI 2013 NALC

Why is This Important? 


Why are industry events like the PPAI North American Leadership Conference this year, held in Chicago important? In addition to thought provoking educational material and discussions about industry issues, deeper relationships were nurtured. While you may not have attended this year, FreePromoTips.com gives you insight into this event through several short videos shown in the left column.

The featured article in this issue talks about our industry leaders' commitment to traveling and being a part of events like the NALC. Why do they do it?  Part of this is because of their passion. Do you have a passion for what you do?
In Chicago at the NALC, I was able to spend some time with Danny Rosin President of Brand Fuel. While I've known Danny from social media, I don't really "know" him. Danny is a passionate PromoKitchen Chef who desires to help others and received ASI's 2013 Humanitarian of the Year award. 
On October 10th, Danny will be presenting a SuccessTracks Learning Experience entitled: "The Fulfillment Project and the Business of Giving". On September 26th, Andrea Smith from distributor Vernon and Grethe Adams from supplier  Southern Plus with be presenting thought-provoking Ideas from their industry experience. Click here for more details and the registration links to these unique, free professional development opportunities. 

Make it a great day! 

Jeff Solomon, MAS

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3rd Quarter and 24 Hour Service from Jetline #2l 
Spud is Experiencing the "Dog Days" of Summer...  

Digital Watermarketing from Bagmakers!
This is REALLY Cool...Check out the Video ...
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Celebrating 111 Years!
At the PPAI NALC I talked with Chris Vernon about
their 111 years in business. That's a long time!
Why Do We Do This?
Why-Geek at Computer  

There are many things in life and business that are important to us. We have a passion for things in our personal and professional lives. And many of us are quite passionate...myself included.

A byproduct that stems from social media is the open window into the lives of our business and non-business friends. One of the things that fascinate me is how committed many of my colleagues are to their work. Of course it's their job, but this isn't a simple case of working for a paycheck.
Coming Soon!
More Education Experiences! 

FPT SuccessTracks Online Learning Experiences 

"Brilliant Minds Think Alike!" 
Thursday, September 26th, 10:00 AM PST 
Presented by: 
Andrea Smith, Industry Relations Manager - Vernon Company 
Grethe Adams, President - Southern Plus  

The Fulfillment Project and
the Business of Giving
Thursday October 10th, 10:00 AM PST 
Presented by PromoKitchen Chef: 
Danny Rosin, President - Brand Fuel 

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