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Audio Power Amplifiers
Practical transistor audio power amplifier and 'accessory' circuits. Part 7 of 8


A transistor power amplifier's job is that of converting a medium-level medium-impedance AC input signal into a high-level low-impedance state suitable for driving a low-impedance external load.

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Wide Range Period Counter


A Wide Range Period Counter/Totalizer
Another "mighty weapon" to add to your arsenal of bench test equipment.
You may be thinking, "Why build a period counter when I already own a frequency counter?" For starters, there are many situations where it's just more convenient to count electrical signals and read out the actual time (?s, ms, s) rather than frequency. Some frequency counters will also read out the period, but almost all of them fall short for slow repetition rates or long periods between uses.

Hitec Servos!


Whatever your project requires, Hitec has the servos you need. From our durable titanium HS-7955TG, torque master HSR-2645CR to our waterproof champion HS-1100WP, Hitec servos bring you the dependability and performance you deserve. We Are Your Servo Headquarters.

Smileys Workshop7

AVR C Programming Workshop - Part 7 

Binary Coded Decimal, Functions, and Variables. 

In this workshop, we will apply what we learned about binary 10 people to understanding Binary Coded Decimal (BCD), to use in code for a wearable Butterfly Alarm Clock. We will also discuss functions and variables and learn that...

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Das Blinkenboard
Das BlinkenBoard
Versatility was one of the most important ingredients.

As we sought a "perfect" board, we kept coming up with features that were missing from the existing offerings, or ideas on how the boards could be made more versatile and robust. These discussions brought about a rather detailed definition of what would make a perfect board. One thing led to another and pretty soon it was decided that we should build a board that had all these features.

Arduino Projects For Amatuer Radio
Book Pick Of The Week 
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Arduino Projects For Amateur Radio
Increase the functionality and value of your ham set  without spending a lot of money. This book will show you step-by-step microcontroller projects you can accomplish on your own--no programming experience necessary.

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