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Orioles will be arriving this month
Have your Oriole feeders ready between April 15 & 28
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April 28 & 29, 2017
 Unadilla, NE

For 23 years bluebirders from across Nebraska and western Iowa have gathered annually to celebrate bluebirds. The conferences are educational, informative, and fun. It's a great time to share stories and learn more about attracting bluebirds. 

This years keynote speaker from Hartland, MN is Al Batt, nationally know author, speaker, and humorist. Al writes the syndicated cartoon strip Marmaduke and Dennis The Menace. 

Join in the fun with other bird enthusiasts. Download a complete schedule and registration form today at and click on " conference". Or contact Sandy Seibert in Omaha at (402)334-8691 ( or Steve Eno in Lincoln at (402) 783-3011 ( You don't have to be a bluebirder to enjoy all the fun.
The Month of May is
International Migratory Bird Month
more information about the events below
Bird of the Month
PVC Bluebird Box
(sparrow resistant)

Eastern Bluebird
The eastern species is 6 to 8 inches long with a wing span up to 12 inches. Male Eastern Bluebirds have a brilliant blue head, back and wings with a warm brick-red breast and white under parts. The female is lighter blue with a buff colored breast, white eye ring and under parts. The blue highlights in the wings and tail give the grayer females an elegant look.

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Attarct Orioles-Information Below
The Month of May Is

Every year we celebrate migratory birds during the spring bird migration with birding events across the Americas.  In Nebraska we celebrate the entire month of May with birding events and activities across the state. If you have, plan to have a birding event or activity in Nebraska during May, or know of someone or organization who is, contact Lindsay Rogers, at and have it listed on the Nebraska Bird Month website. You may reach Lindsay, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission Wildlife Education Specialist,  at (402) 471-5581 with your event or for more information

If you are able (or already have) planned a bird-related event sometime in May, we would appreciate you taking the time to list your event on our website. You can enter your event details here:Ă‚ 

Watch for birding events,  activities, bird walks, and  more during May 2017.
Learn more and view the calendar of birding events at
Events updated on a regular basis
Attracting Orioles
Female & Male 
Baltimore Oriole

Most birds migrate at night, spending daytime hours to forage for food and rest. When they arrive at a location in the early morning hours these birds are cold, tired, and hungry. The first thing they will do is to locate a source of food. This is why timing is important when attempting to attract such birds as Orioles or Hummingbirds. You need to be ready for them and have the food in place prior to their arrival. For Orioles, have your feeders out by April 25th. The arrival date for Orioles in the Central Great Plains is April 16 to May 15. For hummingbirds be ready the week before Mother's Day, which is May 10th. You may need to refresh the nectar, jelly, or oranges once or twice before they arrive, but the effort will be well worth it. Variables, such as weather, may slow down their arrival. Locating these products in a shady area will help to keep them fresh longer. But remember, birds find food by sight. So make them easily visible. 

To learn more about attracting Orioles CLICK 

To view Wild Bird Habitat's Oriole Feeders CLICK

Nebraska - One of the top birding regions in North America.
Details below on where to go birding in Nebraska
Dave's April Bird Chatter
The Snow Geese, Sandhill Cranes and many ducks have passed through on their way to their northern breeding grounds. It was another exciting season viewing the geese and cranes, but migration is far from over. April is one of the three most exciting migration months of the year. We will once again welcome back many of our summer favorites to the yard; the brown thrasher, catbird, towhees and chipping sparrows to name a few. The Rose Breasted Grosbeak and Orioles are two of the Neo-tropical migrants everyone enjoys welcoming back. But at the same time we will be bidding our winter friends a fond farewell by months end until we see them return next fall. They have entertained us all during the winter months. CLICK to read more

What you feed your dog impacts how often they poop and the condition of their coat. A balanced diet with plenty of protein, amino acid content, and necessary nutrients will help reduce frequent stools and strengthen and replenish your dog's fur which is made mostly of protein. So those frequent stools and a coat that is dull or fragile, or  excessive shedding can be an indication that your pooch isn't getting the best nutrition. Do your research about the best kind of food and the right portions of it your dog needs.
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sorghum is hard on a dogs intestinal tract.
A happy dog is a healthy dog, and a healthy dog has a strong, shiny coat. Your dog's coat is one of the best ways to gain insight into your dog's condition, and your dog's diet has a lot to do with that. 30% of the nutrients from your dog's food is required to maintain a heathy coat, so a sure sign the dog food you feed your dog is nutritionally deficient is the condition of your dog's coat. It's also important to get to know the ideal qualities of your furry friend's breed and to set aside time to maintain his or her coat with regular brushing and washing.
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Thru April 15
Wildlife Rescue
During spring and early summer dozens of migrating and nesting birds become injured or orphaned. Volunteers are needed to help these birds recover and return to the wild.  

Founded in 1979, Wildlife Rescue Team, Inc is a non-profit, independent, all volunteer organization dedicated to raising and rehabilitating Nebraska's injured and orphaned wildlife for eventual release back into their natural habitats. Wildlife Rescue Team, Inc relies solely on private private donations and contributions, membership fees, and donations of products for the benefit of ongoing rehabilitation efforts. 

There is always a need for cash donations as well as wildlife rehabilitators, phone volunteers, people willing to build cages, locations for animal releases, people to pick up injured or orphaned animals to transport to drop off locations, local businesses to provide discounts for supplies, and veterinarian assistance. 

Please consider joining the mission of the Wildlife Rescue Team to help orphaned and injured wildlife in Nebraska. You can make a donation or join online at You may contact a team member at
A top North American Birding Area
Nebraska Birding Trails

Listing more than 400 bird watching sites across the state of Nebraska. From the Missouri River Valley to the panhandle's rugged Pine Ridge, you'll find world class bird watching, scenic vistas, and a remarkable Nebraska Heritage around every corner.
Nebraska Metro Birding
Bird watching in seven counties in Eastern Nebraska. Find birding sites right out your backdoor in Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Lancaster, Sarpy, Saunders, and Washington counties.
Central Nebraska, one of the major migratory routes on the continent. From Sandhill Cranes to Prairie Chickens, shore birds to prairie dog towns, it's an incredible journey you don't want to miss. 
Chicken Dance Trail

Chicken Dance Birding Trail, 27 counties in Southwestern Nebraska 
Birding in South Central & South Western Nebraska.

Identify Birds with your Android or IPhone
Prairie Chicken Viewing in Nebraska
April to early May

Calamus Outfitters  -  Burwell, NE / 

 (308) 346-4697


Big Blue Ranch & Lodge  -  Burchard, NE /  

(402) 865-4335


The Sandhills Motel and Glidden Canoe Rental-  Mullen, NE  (308) 278-6167


Prairie Chicken Dance Tours  -  McCook, NE   (308) 345-1200

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The Pioneer Park Nature Center
PPNC 50 Logo

The official news of the Pioneers Park Nature Center listing all events, programs, camps & classes.

Want to know what birds birders are seeing in your area?
Want to let other birders know what birds you see?

Its fun and easy at 

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Photo ID now in mobile apps

A new advanced version of the Photo ID tool is now available for download in the latest version of Merlin Bird ID for Android and iPhone. Select an image from your smartphone image gallery or snap a shot from the back of your cameras viewfinder, and Merlin will walk you through the 2 quick steps before showing you a list of possible species.

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Environmentally Friendly Bird Feeders
Birds Choice Recycled Feeders
Although the durability and natural look of cedar bird feeders continue to be preferred, the new line of feeders made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic is gaining in popularity. Many of these bird feeders have a lifetime warranty against fading, pealing, cracking, and chipping. They clean up like brand new, even after years of use. And speak of easy cleaning, many of the cedar and recycled plastic feeders we stock have removable perforated steel bottoms. This also allows moisture to pass through and the seed to remain dry.

Made in the USA
Wild Bird Habitat Stores
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Best U.S. Birding Retailer
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Nutra Safflower for Goldfinch
Nyjer thistle seed has traditionally been the preferred seed of the American Goldfinch. The cost of Nyjer seed can vary greatly as it is a product imported to North America from India and Ethiopia and they set the price, and the price is rising once again. Nyjer is an oil seed which is why it is enjoyed so much by finches. In countries where it is grown this seed is crushed and used for cooking oil, much as in North America we crush black oil sunflower and safflower seed for cooking oil.

At Wild Bird Habitat Store we have received many reports and have had personal experience that Goldfinch readily feed on Nutra Safflower seed. In fact they may prefer it over Nyjer thistle seed. This could be a great alternative to supplementing Nyjer thistle seed for attracting Goldfinch. One benefit of Nutra Safflower is that this is a product grown by American farmers.

Nutra Safflower is available in 20 and 50 pound bags at the Wild Bird Habitat Store locations or by bulk quantity.

Internet customers can order Nutra Safflower seed on line. Although Wild Bird Habitat Stores Internet store offers free shipping on orders over $100, there is no free shipping on wild bird feeds. That allows us to keep our Internet wild bird feed prices low.   Order Nutra Safflower on line.


Peanut Feeders - A picture is worth a thousand words
Yellow-shafted Flicker
Downy feeding young
Hairy Woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker
photos by Dave of Wild Bird Habitat

Check out Wild Bird Habitat's Peanut Feeders


Caged Peanut Feeders - Feed woodpeckers not squirrels & starlings
Yellow-shafted Flicker
Downy Woodpecker
Hairy Woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker
photos by Dave of Wild Bird Habitat

Check out Wild Bird Habitat's Peanut Feeders


Best Woodpecker Suet Plugs

Attractor High Energy Suet Plugs available at 
the Wild Bird Habitat Stores

  • Roasted Peanut Attractor Plugs
    P-Nutbutter Logs
    Suet Log w/WP
  • Pure Attractor Plugs
  • Sunflower Attractor Plugs
  • No-Melt Peanut Butter Attractor Plugs
By the pack or by the case, woodpeckers love 'em

Nebraska Birding Trails
Nebraska Birding Trails Website 
Has a New Look
The Nebraska Birding Trails was developed in 2003 listing more than 400 birding sites across Nebraska. Chaired by Dave Titterington of Nebraska's Wild Bird Habitat Stores with members of the Nebraska Bird Partnership's Birding Trails Work-group which was comprised of members from government agencies, the University of Nebraska, Nebraska Travel and Tourism, Nebraska Ornithologists Union, and conservation groups and individual birders, it was an immediate success. Recently the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission with the help of Nebraska Educational Television revised the Nebraska Birding Trails website to give it a new look and make navigation locating birding sites easier. We hope you check it out at: 


Two other websites developed by the Educational Work-group of the Nebraska Bird Partnership have also been revised. 

Project Beak
Project BEAK is an interactive, web-based curriculum that contains scientifically accurate information about avian conservation, avian form, function and other adaptations that help birds survive, Nebraska's unique avian biodiversity, Nebraska's threatened and endangered birds, plus video clips, interactive games, quizzes and diagrams, additional resources and links, and classroom lesson plans. 

This website is devoted to helping Nebraskans and visitors identify and learn about the over 400 species of birds which can be found in our state.  Are you trying to identify a bird you saw?  Use "search by characteristics", where you can search by size, color, range, and habitat. Or, you can search or browse the full Nebraska bird list by common name, scientific name, or bird group.

 Where to go  Birding in Nebraska
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