Tonight's Featured Item is Hawaiian Kanpachi with Your Choice of Whole Fish or Fillets.  Take Advantage of Great Deals on Fresh Products Including Manila Clams for $5.65/lb and Skate Wings for $4.99/lb. Add Some Delicious Produce to Your Dish such as Wild Ramps and Fiddlehead Ferns. Our Oysters of the Evening are Delaware Bay Oysters. 
April 21st - FEATURED ITEM
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Hawaiian Kanpachi
Sashimi Quality
Whole Fish: $7.95/lb
Collar On Fillets: $10.95/lb

Wild Ramps
Foraged from the Midwest
3 lb Unit
Great Value!
Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb


John Dory
Wild Caught from Senegal
Whole Fish

Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb
Wild Alaska 
King Salmon

7-11 lb Hd/On Fish: $17.99/lb
Skin On Fillets: $25.99/lb

Fresh Rouget
Caught off Senegalese Coast
Whole Fish

Tonight's Price: $8.95/lb
Scorpion Fish
Caught Off Senegal
Whole 1-3 lb Fish

Tonight's Price: $8.95/lb

Manila Clams
Caught Off WA State

Tonight's Price: $5.65/lb
Florida Stone 
Crab Claws
Medium, 6-9/lb
Tonight's Price: $12.99/lb
Stone Bass
Raised from Greece

Whole Fish: $7.99/lb
Skin On Fillets: $12.95/lb
Caught Off Maine
Fresh Petite Fillets

Tonight's Price: $5.49/lb
Black Sea Bass
Caught Off North Carolina

Jumbo S&G Fish: $5.49/lb
6-12 Oz Fillets: $15.49/lb
Canterbury Cure 
White Sturgeon Caviar
30 g Unit
Tonight's Price: $45.00/ea
Rainbow Trout
Local Haddock
Caught Off Gloucester, MA
Skin Off Fillets

Tonight's Price: $8.50/lb
Local Rainbow Trout
From the Poconos
6-9 Oz Fillets

Tonight's Price: $7.95/lb
Striped Bass
Raised in Texas
Jumbo Skin On Fillets

Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb
South African 
Lobster Tails
4.5-5 Oz Tails

Tonight's Price: $27.95/lb
Oyster Shucking Knives
4 Inch Blade
Be a Pro Monger!

Tonight's Price: $14.99/ea
Skate Wings
Bone In, Skin Off
Caught Off Rhode Island
Tonight's Price: $4.99/lb
Chowder Fish
House Cut
Fresh 5 lb Unit

Tonight's Price: $0.49/lb
Claw Crabemat
Tonight's Price: $11.99/lb
Oyster of the Evening
Delaware Bay Oysters
From New Jersey
Tonight's Price: $0.55/ea
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Fresh Fluke
Caught Off Rhode Island
12-24 Oz Fillets

Tonight's Price:  $12.99/lb
Bali Barramundi
Meaty with a Clean Flavor
Skin On, PBO Fillets

Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb

Morel Mushrooms
Smoky Flavor
Wild Picked

Tonight's Price:  $26.99/lb
Fiddlehead Ferns
Asparagus Like Flavor
Wild Picked

Tonight's Price:  $11.99/lb
Edible Orchids
50 Count Pack
Great as a Garnish

Tonight's Price: $7.50/pack

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Hawaiian Kanpachi
Delicious, Versatile & Fresh
Raised in Kona, Hawaii
Sweet Flavor, High Fat Content, Consistent
Sashimi Quality

Collar On Fillets:

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