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Looking Forward to Wild Alaska Salmon 
As more and more fishermen in Alaska are beginning to catch first of season Wild Alaska Salmon, we're expecting our very first shipment shortly.  Stay updated on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for exactly when we receive our first fish.  We're hoping this upcoming week will provide us beautiful 7-11 and 11-18 lb Wild Alaska Red King Salmon.  Looking further out, the famous Copper River season begins on May 16th.  Stay tuned.

Hooray for Ramps
Thank goodness for spring! Wild Ramp season is in full gear.  Currently, foragers are harvesting these wild, specialty leeks in the US Midwest.  A member of the Lily family, Ramps bloom in early April and grow quickly during the short one-month average period when they're in season. During their peek, Ramps bright green leaves cover the ground nearby the canopy of forest trees.   This short season is one in which they are in high demand.  An excellent and simple way to enjoy these bounties of springtime are simply by sauteeing them with olive oil, salt and pepper.  It really brings out their refreshing garlic/onion flavor.  Many also enjoy making a puree or perhaps pickling the bulbs.  Either way, now is the time to indulge.  Order yours today.  Keep in mind, if you love Ramps, you'll enjoy Stinging Nettles. With a fresh, spinach like flavor, these dangerously good greens are available upon pre order.

Baja's are Back
Welcome back Baja Kumamotos.  Raised in the cool waters of the Baja Peninsula where the California Current brings refreshing Alaska waters, Baja Kumamoto's offer the same petite size, and hints of the signature cucumber finish.  Kumamotos from California and Washington have long been a classic for Oyster lovers.  Now we have an excellent new twist on these petite favorites.  What makes Baja Kumamotos even more special is the refreshing brine it offers that separates them from other Kumamotos.  They're well worth a try.  This is a great opportunity to put quality Oysters on your menus during a time when classics such as Bluepoints and Cape May Salts have limited availability.  

What's the Latest Catch?
Great Grouper!  That's what we've been hearing as catch has improved in the Gulf of  Mexico and coast of of exotic Panama.  Samuels is bringing in 5-10 and 10-20 lb Grouper ready for your menu.  This is a great southern fish as Spanish and King Mackerel are very limited due to high winds and rain. Further up north, we recommend jumbo Wild Striped Bass off the Virginia coast.  It's a great time for Virginia Striped Bass as they're swimming within the three-mile limit where fishermen can catch them.  It's also the time of year when Shad have made their way north and are being caught in the Delaware Bay.  Black Sea Bass are being caught off North Carolina, New Jersey, Long Island and Rhode Island.  Fishermen in Rhode Island are also beginning to improve their catch of Squid, including large Squid which have been limited the past several months.  As we progress toward the summer, Squid season tends to pick up a bit. If you're looking for big fish, it's a good time for fishing off the coast of Hawaii.  Our Swordfish are being caught off the Hawaii coast and landed in Honolulu.  Pricing for Swordfish tend to go up and down during this time of year as Swordfish are migrating and making moves before landing in the North Atlantic to feed.  These Hawaiian boats are also providing us some Yellowfin Tuna and specialty fish including Marlin, Wahoo and Hebi, when available. 

Crab Update
As we now welcome consistent warm weather, Hard Shell Crab demand is up.  Not to worry, Samuels Crab purchasers are bringing in Hard Shells from New Jersey, the Carolina's and Louisiana.  Just let us know what you need and we'll help you out.  Soft Shell availability is still day to day and somewhat limited as we're not seeing any large sheddings.  However, Crabs shed at different times up and down the coast, it's just a matter of time.

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