To our Ramah Darom family:

Many of you have heard and inquired about the wildfires now burning in North Georgia, including one very close to Ramah Darom. Given the severe drought conditions and the proximity of the fire, we have been tracking developments with great concern for both the safety of our visitors, guests and staff and for the protection and preservation of our property.
For all of you who care deeply about Ramah Darom and are worried about our sacred space, I am writing to update you on this situation and to let you know what steps we are taking to manage our risks. The Rock Mountain fire, as it is called, began along Tallulah River Road several miles from our property. The fire, which is primarily a ground fire spreading through fallen leaves, has now impacted close to 7,000 acres. While the Rock Mountain fire does not present an imminent danger to us, the situation is fluid and could change at any time. We are working closely with the U.S. Forest Service, our community Fire Department and Rabun County's Emergency Management Agency to monitor the situation and taking appropriate preventive measures and precautions to ensure our readiness if the situation changes.
At the same time, we have offered our assistance to support the fire fighters that have gathered from near and far in Rabun County to h. Hundreds of them have travelled to Rabun County, including many who have driven non-stop cross country from the West Coast, to help battle these wildfires. We have made our facilities available to help house and feed these heroic individuals, as well as the emergency management teams, and we are also reaching out to our neighbors should they be in need of support and assistance.
We ask you to join us in prayer, not only for our own safety and the safety of all of our Clayton neighbors, but also for Geshem. It has not rained in Rabun County in 40 days, and it has been 96 days since the area received more than one-half inch of rain. We desperately need Geshem.
Our God and God of our ancestors:
Remember Abraham, his heart poured out to You like water,
You blessed him, as a tree planted near water:
You saved him when he went through fire and water.
For Abraham's sake, do not withhold water.
Thank you so much for your support and concern.

Frederick R. Levick
Chief Executive Officer

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