Private landowners play an important role in sustaining New Hampshire's wildlife.
Love is in the Air and in Your Woods

What's happening on your land this time of year?  Some wildlife are in the midst of mating season.  If you live near a large body of water (lake or river), bald eagles may have already taken up residence in tall trees.  Bald eagles start rebuilding their nest in February or March with egg laying occurring between March and May.  They will reuse their nest from a previous year or make a new nest close by so if you've noticed a resident bald eagle in your woods during the summer, you're friends may already be back, ready to begin their duty of sitting on eggs through the last of the cold winter months.  
Another wildlife species that is courting right now are coyotes.  They mate in January or February and it is common to see two sets of tracks instead of the typical lone coyote tracks.  Males will follow females, scent marking along the way, in anticipation of a female in estrus.   The list doesn't end there, many other wildlife are in the throws of courtship including fox (both red and gray species), bobcat, and barred owl.     
We often think of spring as the season for birth, renewal, and growth, but before we start seeing hatchlings and kits, many wildlife in your backyard are courting, mating, and nesting.  Happy Valentine's Day, wildlife! 

Farm and Forest Expo this Weekend

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No Vehicles Beyond This Point Sign

This sign is used to prohibit all vehicle use and restrict access to foot travel.  
  How to get this sign: 
Download the Operation Land Share mail in with your request, . participation agreement form and   
If you're already enrolled in the program, just call or email with your request, 603-271-1137,  

Operation Game Thief
Operation Game Thief

Protect New Hampshire's Natural Resources - Report Wildlife Law Violators!
Operation Game Thief is a silent witness, anti-poaching program that encourages the public to report any suspicious activity or knowledge about a poaching violation.    
Report Violations: 1-800-344-4262 or .
Landowner Relations Program | NH Fish and Game | 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH
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