May 2017

Will AI Boost Our Sales Numbers?

There's an increasing amount of noise in the market about how AI will either replace sales people or dramatically improve their productivity.

I'm not so bullish. In talking with a wide range of companies about their marketing and sales technologies, I identified a couple of common themes.

Life is Complicated Enough

Companies are finding it quite difficult to get value from their existing core marketing automation, sales automation and CRM platforms. Additional capabilities complicate existing processes, stretch already thin data, and don't necessarily improve marketing or sales productivity.

They've invested millions into these core systems, worked to build new processes and workflows to leverage the new capabilities, and have found that lack of expertise, process skills, data quality, organizational alignment and simple patience all stand in the way of success.

CMOs, VP of Marketing or Demand Gen and others need to get value from the systems they already have, and they are stretched pretty thin. Frankly, many of their people (and organizations) are struggling to keep up with the demands of the existing core systems.

Upcoming Events 

Executive Roundtables

Our next Executive Roundtable: Moving the Needle on Sales Performance, is scheduled for May 9th. Confirmed attendees for the May Roundtable include executives from Amdocs, HP, IBM, Oracle, Pure Storage, SAP and others.

The Acelera Group Executive Roundtables provide a forum for sales executives at leading tech companies to discuss critical sales productivity issues, share best practices and lessons learned with their peers. Participation is limited to clients and invited guests.

For more information about the Executive Roundtables and a list of upcoming issues to be explored, please visit our Upcoming Events page.

S ales Enablement Society Chapter Meeting

The Boston Chapter of the Sales Enablement Society is holding our next chapter meeting on May 10th. Visit the chapter website for more information...

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