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"Women are Bullied into Abortions by Fathers 

Who Want a Boy Instead"


92% of New Yorkers Oppose "Gendercide"


New York--May 6...If Governor Andrew Cuomo truly cares about protecting the rights of women in New York, he would include in his "Women's Equality Act," language to end the practice of "gendercide" in the Empire State, where unborn children, many of them past 20 weeks, are surgically aborted simply because of their sex. An overwhelming majority of gender selection abortions worldwide are performed to terminate female pregnancies -- often at the demand of the child's father, who wants a son instead.


"Gender selection abortions are rampant in many Asian nations; far less so here. But among immigrant populations in America this is a quickly growing concern," said Chiaroscuro Foundation spokeswoman Meg McDonnell. "This all too often involves women being bullied into the abortion by a husband or boyfriend. If Governor Cuomo truly wants to burnish his feminist credentials, he'd do something to protect these women and girls."  


Sex selection is not definitively determined by ultrasound until the 19th or 20th week of pregnancy.


A recent statewide survey commissioned by the Chiaroscuro Foundation shows that 92% of New Yorkers oppose late term abortions based on the sex of the child.


"Brave feminists across America are speaking out on sex selection abortions because of the trauma they are causing mothers who are bullied into aborting their daughters," Ms. McDonnell continued. "Does Governor Cuomo care about them, or just the abortion industry? We want to hear from him on this."