"Will rising rates hurt high yield bonds?"   
This fixed income question comes up more than any other. It's an excellent question. With global fixed income yields at record lows, that (theoretically) can go nowhere but up, can high yield bonds continue to work effectively inside portfolios?

We decided to do a deep data dive and find out how high yield bonds have performed historically during a rising rate environment. Specifically, what happened historically when long-term government bond yields rose significantly? The results may surprise you.
Let's go to the charts

Looking at 12-month rolling periods of monthly performance data over the past 90 years (since 1926), we searched for times when long-term U.S. Government Bonds got hammered, pushing yields up and bond prices down. We used a drawdown (peak-to-trough drop) threshold of > -7.5% for long-term U.S. Government bond funds and then did a side-by-side comparison versus high yield bond funds. We were pleasantly surprised to see high yield bond funds outperformed during periods of rising long-term rates.

(Source: Morningstar)
High yield bonds outperformed U.S. Government bond funds every single time!

This next chart shows those same > -7.5% drops for U.S. Government bonds only this time, we subtracted the Government bond performance from high yield bond performance. What you see in the chart is high yield bonds beating Government bonds 100% of the time! In other words, every single time during the past 90 years that Government bonds had a 12-month rolling period drop of > -7.5%, high yield bonds outperformed.
(Source: Morningstar)
Why? Because high yield bond prices are not correlated to Government bond prices. Historically, when long-term government bond prices fall (and rates rise), it doesn't necessarily mean that high yield bond prices will fall too (causing high yield bond yields to rise). And when they have, historically, 100% of the time it was much less traumatic for high yield bond funds than it was for government bond funds.
What does this mean for Optimus Tactical High Yield?

With all the worry about rising rates it's good to know that historically, high yield bonds have weathered rising rate environments very well. But, what about Optimus Tactical High Yield? Is it built to weather the storm of rising rates better than a simple buy-and-hold of high yield bonds?
The proof is in the pudding

Earlier, we looked at a comparison of Government bonds vs. high yield bonds. Now, let's look at how Optimus Tactical High Yield performed during some of the same long-term rising rate environments.

This next chart takes the last 20-years of live and hypothetical performance data of Optimus Tactical High Yield and compares it against those same > -7.5% drops in Government bonds. Along with providing positive returns during those time periods, the hypothetical and live results for the most recent spike in long-term rates (December 2013) were impressive. While Government bonds fell -12.78% during that time, Tactical High Yield showed a net result of +6.89%!

(Source: Morningstar & Optimus Advisory Group)
Bottom Line:  We continue to believe that Tactical High Yield can play a significant role in helping you provide financial peace to your clients - strong performance results coupled with minimal drawdowns and volatility. 

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