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Will we see you at IPAY?  Our booth # is 24. 

Louise Reichlin & Dancers goes to IPAY. Finally- the complete "The Tennis Dances", the full 50' version of our revised "The Patchwork Girl of Oz", and the full version of "The Better To Bite You With".

The Patchwork Girl of Oz - Mark Taper Auditorium

a new adventure
with "A Jewish Childs Story"

And introducing some of our new casting-

Louise will be in Madison WI for the International Performing Arts for Youth conference next week. Hope to see you at some of the showcases, and for sure at our Booth #24. Drop by, or call for an appointment.
- Before the conference- 213-385-1171
- When there by cell- 213-458-3066

Accenting our family programs-

Reichlin has created a wildly diverse and critically acclaimed repertory- described as "probing, provocative, deeply moving, uplifting, sensual, exciting, cinematic, joyous and great fun!"
(Los Angeles Times, Dance Magazine)

See our website for more of our works for general and college age.

From "The Better To Bite You with" below-

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