Saluting Our Veterans Issue 

November 10, 2017 eBrief

Will you please help a Veteran this Wednesday?

Ten attorneys are needed to volunteer from 1:30 to 4 p.m. this Wednesday at the Veterans Help Desk at the VA Medical Clinic, 2415 7th Avenue South (parking in deck). 

Click here to sign-up or reply to this email indicating that you can help.  This is a special Veterans Help Desk in honor of Veterans Day. 

Volunteers will provide legal advice to veterans who have been vetted by the BBVLP. We will be onsite to assist, answer questions, and provide forms.
Attorney Veteran helps Client Veteran
Attorney  Christine Fontana , who served as Military Police for the National Guard, was motivated to help this low-income Air Force veteran with her divorce. "Having been military myself, I was compelled to pay it forward," Christine said. 

The client, who suffers from PTSD, worried her husband would get custody of their three children, ages 10, 7, and 1. Christine made sure that did not happen by winning her fellow vet's divorce including obtaining sole custody. 

The client said because Christine was military "she was able to relate to my pain and take care of everything. She was absolutely amazing!"
Judge John Carroll, a marine, helps veterans

Judge John Carroll , a Marine veteran, is the impetus of the BBVLP's new veterans legal program and has volunteered at every Veterans Help Desk, helping 23 low-income veterans. 

"It feels good to help fellow service members," Judge Carroll said.
Marcus Chatterton serves as Marine & volunteer

Marcus Chatterton, a partner at Balch and Bingham, is no stranger to service having been a United States Marine for 10 years. Now he is one of the most consistent and successful volunteers with the BBVLP having helped dozens of clients over nine years.

 "By trade I am an intellectual property and technology lawyer so I do not always have direct contact with people in need," Chatterton said. "Helping clients directly through the BBVLP are some of my most rewarding cases."
Kendra Johnson helps Veteran get license

Attorney  Kendra Johnson helped a low-income Army veteran who works at Publix get his license after he could not pay fines because of a ticket.

The vet ran a stop sign after learning his wife passed away from cancer and could not pay the fines. Kendra worked out a settlement that the vet could afford to pay.
Thanks to the Civil Help Desk Volunteers
Katie Hill (pictured), Balch & Bingham, Louvenia Borom, Sara Ford, Lightfoot Franklin & White, Alan Garner, Alan Garner Legal Services, Kendra Johnson, Leon Johnson, Preston Neel, Bradley, Honza Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis, Lynn Pulido, David Webster, LSA, Sarah Yates, Bressler Amery & Ross
Attorneys Needed for these Clients

Please help these physically abused women through their divorces. Both client's have filed criminal charges against spouses.

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Thank you Volunteers
Great Job to the Bankruptcy Help Desk Volunteers: Tony Mollica, Mollica Law (pictured), Charles Fry, UAB Health Services Foundation, and Alan Garner
Shoutout to our wonderful Domestic Relations Help Desk volunteers: Jessica Betts, Carmichael (Pictured), Victoria Charles, Shunnarah, Alan Garner, Melinda Guillaume, Leia Leonard, Shunnarah, and  John Milledge. 

Thanks to the Homeless Help Desk volunteers: Richard Carmody, Carolyne Hess (both pictured), Said Jabbour, Craig Lawrence, all of Adams & Reese, Jack Carney, Carney Dye, and Bob Dow, Maynard Cooper.