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E-ALERT -  April 20, 2012 - Take Action! 
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More Magazine, Fierce List 2012

Wilma Subra, LEAN's super Technical Adviser has made More magazine's 2012 Fierce List!

More's Fierce List is, "a salute to a special pride of lionesses, the 54 women who've most impressed (More) with their brave stands, bold plans, daring artistry and kick-ass commitment."

Wilma Subra makes More magazine's Fierce List 2012

We are always very happy to see Wilma get recognized for her amazing work especially at this meaningful time on the two year anniversary of the BP Oil Disaster.


If you would like to take a brave stand with Wilma against abuses to our health and environment at the hands of reckless oil and gas companies; please consider signing This Petition asking the directors of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to enforce better regulations that make off-shore drilling safe.


Congratulations to Wilma, as always, we are so proud!


Please check out the petition: http://ecowatch.org/2012/take-action-prevent-the-bp-oil-disaster-from-happening-again/ 

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