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April 2017
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With all the emphasis lately in the news on who says what, you might wonder how much do words really matter?  Turns out, they matter quite a lot.

In 2013, a paperback book was published called "Words Can Change Your Brain" by Andrew Newberg, M.D., and Mark Robert Waldman.  Now also available in audio, they claim that their 12 strategies for "compassionate communication" actually changed the way our brains operate.  "Our brain-scan studies, when combined with the latest research in the fields of language, communication, and mindfulness, demonstrate that these strategies can improve memory and cognition while simultaneously lower stress, anxiety, and irritability."   Their belief is that what words we use and how we say them can alter how our brain operates.

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author, researcher, photographer and entrepreneur, claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.  He used words, written and oral, and filmed their effect on water molecules, demonstrating that positive words had much different effect than negative ones.  This has direct relevance to our human bodies because we are made up of approximately 60% water.

Most of us would much rather have those beautiful positive crystals in our bodies than those chaotic negative molecules!  If you've been reading the past few months' newsletters, you know we've been focused on mindfulness.  Let's add paying attention to our words as part of that mindfulness.

Have you had a chance yet to check out the MTC Facebook page?  Just in the past week alone, there have been video postings about why lying on your right side is not good for side sleepers, a Japanese way to relax in five minutes, how forests and nature heal people, and our very own Shea Shulman demonstrating how to relieve sinus pain and pressure through self-manual lymph drainage.  Basically something for everyone, including cute cats and dogs getting massage!  To see those videos and many more, here is the Massage Therapy Connections Facebook Page.  

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As always, check out the specials of the month, what's new with our team, great information on what exactly a custom facial is, and how to win that free 90-minute massage!
MTF Easter Egg Raffle 
Manual Therapy Foundation
For those who may not be familiar with this non-profit organization, it was created in 2016 providing financial assistance to those needing Medical Massage or Lymphedema Therapy.  Both Medical Massage and Lymphedema Therapy take a series of sessions to get results, and are seldom covered by insurance.  At MTC, we host fund raisers for this foundation and are currently accepting applications into the program.

One of these $5 eggs is worth a FREE 90-minute massage
MTF Easter Egg Raffle
How It Works

We started with a basket of 100 eggs in the office lobby (27 have already been sold).  Each egg is $5. You win something with every egg - a free amenity (hot stones, foot scrub, aromatherapy) is found in ninety-seven of those eggs.  A free 30-minute session is inside three eggs.  But every egg is also an entry in the drawing for the free 90-minute session.  We'll hold the final drawing on Saturday, April 15th, or whenever all 100 eggs are sold.


Can't make it to the office?  We'll be happy to draw an egg for you when you call and provide payment information.  Can you use money that's in your prepaid account?  Absolutely!

We'll let you know next month who wins!
Education Update
Shea Shulman LMT, CLT, CMMP
There is no question that Shea Shulman is the driving force for education at Massage Therapy Connection.  She not only holds in-house training, she has been working for over a year on a very comprehensive on-line class designed to help other massage therapists transition into medical massage practitioners.

Along with a full schedule seeing clients, she has recently begun  studying for a personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine with an additional certification in Corrective Exercise Specialization.  From there, her plans include training under two experts in their fields, Dr. Stuart McGill, a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo whose career is dedicated to understanding and treating low back pain, and  Dr. Evan Oser, a chiropractor who focuses highly on corrective exercises for the shoulder and hip. 
Shea states: "I believe that soft tissue work is only half the solution when it comes to treating pain.  Developing a strong core and strengthening weak muscles that stabilize our joints is absolutely necessary to keep pain at bay.  My goal is to offer a well-rounded approached to pain relief that includes specific soft tissue work to get people out of pain and corrective exercise solutions to keep them out of pain". 
Welcome Our Newest Protégé Therapist
Virginia Silas, LMT
We love when a new therapist joins our Protégé Program!  
Virginia Silas is a recent graduate from the Sarasota School of Massage and found us when she was taking a continuing education class with one of our MTC therapists.  We already knew she had the passion for learning that we value because she was taking this class before she even graduated from massage school.  Once we interviewed her, we knew she would be a great fit for our team.  And of course, she has great massage hands!

Before entering massage school, Virginia was the CEO of an art gallery in the Chicago area.  Originally from Lithuania, she also speaks Russian and has lived in the US for more than 20 years.  She writes "I'm a big believer that all pain and disease comes from unreleased stress and therefore should be released both physically and emotionally. We are meant to be healthy."   Her goal is to "look for the most natural ways to help the body and mind to get back to normal function."  

She loves opportunities to learn and grow, together with her two teenage boys, husband and many pets!  Look for Virginia on the schedule this m onth and take advantage of the special protégé  rates - $46 for a one hour Swedish, and $56 for a one hour Deep Tissue or Focused session.
Custom Facials Explained 
We advertise custom facials, but what exactly does that mean?  What kinds are there, what do they do, and what makes them custom?  Great questions!  We'll explain part of the process here so you will be able to know the planning behind a facial specifically designed for one of a kind - you!
A facial is designed for deep cleaning, and to help correct problems.  ....Read More Here

Specials of the Month
A pril 
Tax Time 

April's specials are all about raindrops and reducing stress!

The Stress Reliever
Taxes stressing you out? Traffic problems?  Work?  Choose a 60 or 90 minute Stress Reliever that focuses on neck, shoulders and back,
plus hot stones,
plus scalp and head massage for those that like work in that area!  
60 Minutes - $69
 90 Minutes - $99 
Save $22

Raindrop Technique Young Living Oils
Raindrop Technique
Jeanette Keyso, LMT uses the amazing power of ten essential oils and various massage techniques to stimulate, detoxification, and support the immune system in this therapeutic session.  This is not your typical massage session and can also be very stress-reducing!  Add 15 minutes more of massage with the Deluxe session.

60 Min Raindrop Therapy - Only $79   Save $21
75 Min Raindrop Deluxe  - Only $99   Save $26
Important Reminders
Did you know that we've been open on Sundays for some time now?  Hours on Sunday are 12 noon - 6pm.  If you are one with very hectic weekday schedules, take advantage of this Sunday shift to get your massage!  
It's not too early to plan a special day for Mom!   Mother's Day this year is May 14th.  Nine out of ten moms agree that they'd want a massage for Mother's Day (the 10th one was unavailable as she was on the massage table at the time)!  You can choose from a variety of sessions for your gift certificate.
If you'd like to try something different on your next visit, you should experience the unique benefits of Thai Massage!  This ancient method of eastern therapy combines stretching and compression work to maximize range of motion, circulation and well-being!  Sessions are available in 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 2 hours.   Book your first one with Melissa Kelly, LMT, CTMT today!  
Yes, we know there is a day for everything thing under the sun, but this one is important for many!  
Administrative Professionals Day is
Wednesday, April 26th!
Recognize just how much these people contribute to your business with a massage gift certificate!  We have seven new customized images to choose from when you purchase a gift certificate online!  Here are a few samples:

In Appreciation
In our work, we often come across clients who share stories about their lives.  We consider it a privilege to learn so much from so many of you.  But it's also a reminder of how fortunate we are - in good health, loving families, and work that is fulfilling and often fun.  For those of you who can say the same, let's never take these blessings for granted.  And for those of you challenged with issues and situations, often out of your control, if we can help, our whole team is here for you.
Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - we strive for the best balance in all these aspects of health and recognize the importance of each one.  They are all connected.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your healthy life!

In appreciation,

Shea and Nancy
Massage Therapy Connections
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