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October 19, 2016

What's happening...

Britec Computers tested WinAntiRansom recently and posted a video with the results today. I've included a link to that video below.

As Brian from Britec Computers put it:
 " WinAntiRansom is an awesome product. It did protect this computer with ease..."

We are now looking to have a release for both  WinPatrol and WinPrivacy out before end of the year. Mo re details to follow as the updates draw near.
What is inside
Britec Computers tests WinAntiRansom

"If you think about getting yours self some protection, then I wouldn't look any further than WinAntiRansom."
Brian from Britec Computers
Running out of Hard Drive Space?

Recently a customer installed WinPatrol Enterprise because many of their workstations were running very low on available hard drive space and they thought maybe the workstations were infected with bots or something.

They were very happy to discover their workstations were not infected, but shocked at what they did find. Back in January 2015, these users participated in a web conference call that used GoToMeeting. No big deal, the end-users installed the software, had the meeting and moved on.

Now, about 21 months later the administrator discovered the GoToMeeting folder  contained 49 sub- folders, one for each upgrade automatically downloaded for GoToMeeting over the last 21 months,  amounting to over 2.4 GB of 
used disk space.

Program Inventory to the rescue. By deleting these leftover folders the administrators were able to recover over 2 GB of wasted disk space on each of the workstations. 

True 2 GB isn't a huge amount of space in today's computer world, but this was only the worst of many programs that leave around previous versions in version specific folders. If you have a few of these offending applications the space they take adds up.

WinAntiRansom also contains the Program Inventory features that can help you keep your system free from unwanted or wasteful programs.
Malicious Documents vs WinAntiRansom

Watch WinAntiRansom's Artificial Intelligence engine destroy malicious documents that come in on phishing emails.
A Special Offer from "The Virus Doctor™"

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Ken Dwight is extending an incredible offer to all of our customers on two of his most popular training courses. 

He has an awesome Ransomware mini-course " Defeating Ransomware" available and if you use the coupon code WINPAT10 you'll get 10% off.

Ken is also offering a full 10% off his famous
  VRT (Virus Remediation Training) Workshop, with the coupon code WINPAT10 as well. The VRT Workshop even includes the Ransomware mini-course as an extra bonus as well.

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