Wineries are Magical
Yoga and Wine... April 8th at Winery in the Country
You and your friends are invited to attend the next Yoga with a Wine Chaser on Saturday, April 8th at 12:30pm. For $15 come try a 60 minute vinyasa flow yoga class and stay for a glass of wine for a grown up Easter treat to yourself! (Balancing out the basket of candy you may indulge in the following weekend...)   hmmmm balancing poses...
Katie Gilbert, a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor with your own mat, an open mind, and a thirst for wine. The class is suitable for beginners to advance. Please contact Katie at the email address below to make sure your spot is available.
$15 fee includes 60-minute yoga class and a glass of wine.

Limited space available. Email your reservation to
and put Yoga in the subject line. Please pay at the door.
Poppy's Flat Bread Pizza Available This Saturday April 8th
Poppy is preparing a limited supply of his assorted flavor 10" pizzas for this Saturday. Cheese, pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, banana peppers are the toppings. Text 740-404-8971or email if you want to reserve one or two by Friday at 5pm.
Third Annual Easter Eve Party At Winery on Sand Hollow
Join us for our Third Annual Easter Eve Party on Saturday, April 15, at Sand Hollow Winery! Jim is anxious to put on his rabbit ears and fluffy tail for this fun-filled evening. While he hands out goodies from his Easter basket, Cindy will be doing Peeps pairings again - who knew there were so many flavors or how well they would pair up with wine! If you are coming, don't forget to BYOB - Bring Your Own ( chocolate) Bunny. Make sure it is hollow so you can fill it with wine. The party starts when the Paul's get here and Hodgson leave or for those that need an actual time 2 to 7.
Opening Soon
With great fanfare the official Sand Hollow Winery outhouse will be opening so on. Unlike last year we will have ample supply of TP...well until we run out. We are now interviewing for volunteers for the outdoor privy attendant position for next year. During the off season all peek holes created by wood peckers have been covered up. Again we do apologies for that one peeping Tom's indiscretions.  A thorough background check will be implemented for this years privy volunteers.
Friday Nights Are Game Night at Speakeasy 
Yes it is true Cindy's Chutes and Ladders has taken a back seat to the Klein's drinking version of Jenga and the Hollis's Cards Against Humanity! If you have a favorite game to play bring it in. Warning: Clothes must remain on for all games played during open hours.
Speakeasy password is "Woody"
Do you know what the relevance is? It isn't for the OSU coach either! Let's hope more of you know the answer than knew what 18 & 21 was for. Most answered was the drinking ages. As president elect Trump would say, "Wrong." 18 & 21 stood for the 18th amendment for prohibition and 21st amendment revoking prohibition.  BTW when coming to the speakeasy go to the door that has "Mr. Speaks Office" on it and knock.
Party Rooms Available In Future Brothel!
Looking for a relaxed place to have your group gather during the holiday season? Hurry before Mr. Speaks expands his business model to include a brothel. For a limited time those rooms and catering are available for as little as $50 (catering is extra!). Call Ken to reserve a room today 740-405-2534 or Mr. Speaks at 740-404-8971.
Speakeasy Hours:
Wed., Thurs, Friday and Saturday 4:30 to ? Closed Sunday
Text 740-404-8971 or Text 740-405-2534 for secret number & availability.
Rooms available for groups.
Winery on Sand Hollow Winter Hours:
Saturday - Noon to 7pm
Open by appointment only: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 
Closed Sunday
If in doubt please call (740) 323-3959 or (740) 404 8971 to confirm.
Tasting Room and Private Tasting Room available during week for private parties

Jim Young, Publisher