Wineries are Magical
Future Valentine Days Warning!
This memo is for all winery customers, significant others, to be aware for future Valentine Days. It is suggested that you do not forward this newsletter into the social media world do to the obvious fall out for us slackers. 
This past Valentine Day a young man (for his own protection will remain nameless to protect from unwanted marriage proposals and hate mail) contacted me about reserving the winery to celebrate with his wife. I told him we were closed. He respond, "I know, I want to surprise my wife with something special." (I quickly assessed my own personal plans with Cindy...none... better up my game.) 
As you can see from the photo they are a lovely couple that has put undo pressure on us all. No Cindy I'm not reserving a Tuscany vineyard for next year.  
Trip Advisor Website rates Sand Hollow Winery!
This past week a couple from out of town came to visit the winery. As usual I asked them how they heard about us. Typical answers are; customer recommendation, road sign or a google search pop up. They found us on looking for places in the area to go and the winery was came up third recommended site to visit. That was nice but I wanted to know who was one and two! He pulled up the site on his phone to show me. Well,,,there is little chance the winery is going to surpass one and two anytime soon. Considering they both have been around for quite sometime. Let me add I'm OK with being ranked behind them.  
Guess which building under major renovations?
That is correct one of these buildings will have major renovations done to it. By the end of the month you will be able to see Sand Hollow Speakeasy and the iconic Lil Bear grocery store like you have never imagined. These changes have been a long time in coming and will bring a new look and possibilities for both. As progress proceeds we  will share photos with you. Exciting times in downtown Newark. 
Speakeasy new password is "Maryland"
The last password was "temperance". Two big groups in support of Prohibition were the 'Women's Christian Temperance Union' and Anti Saloon League. 

These groups were fundamental in raising support for Prohibition from their creations. The 'Women's Christian Temperance Union' in 1873 and the 'Anti-Saloon League' in 1893. They published numerous cartoons, posters and leaflets across the country.

When coming to the speakeasy go to the door that has "Mr. Speaks Office" knock and give the current password "Maryland" when the peek door opens. 
Live Music on Friday's with Greg Greyson!
Greg Greyson Hartz, professionally known as JazzHat is now performing under his own name.  Greg Greyson will continue to share the same unique blend of soft rock that has entertained audiences from Chicago to Nashville.  We caught up with Greyson in the studio and he had this to say,  
"I've had a lot of fun with the JazzHat persona.  But I think for some it was a barrier to the music, expecting me to play straight up jazz (which I don't).  Performing as Greg Greyson will let me connect more directly with my audience".  
Greyson plays original music straight from the heart and captures powerful emotional experiences we all share."   Stop by The Speakeasy Friday 7- 9:30pm to hear Greyson and enjoy a glass of Sand Hollow's finest!    
Yoga, Wine & Bit of the Irish Cheer
You and your friends are invited to attend the next Yoga with a Wine Chaser on Saturday March 10th at 12:30pm. For $15 come try a 60 minute vinyasa flow yoga class and a glass of wine. Clear your mind and body as we prepare for spring. Join Katie Gilbert, a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor with your own mat, an open mind, and a thirst for wine. The class is suitable for beginners to advance. For availability contact Katie at 
Winter Hours now in effect at Winery and Speakeasy!
The Speakeasy is now open only on Thursday and Friday 5pm to 9pm and Saturday noon to 9pm. We will be open later each day if safe, the libations and food have not run out.
Hours at the Winery on Sand Hollow are Saturday's 2 to 7pm if weather permits! Please call 740 323 3959 to double check that Jim hasn't frozen on his tractor plowing the driveway. Hmm that could be problematic since he is the one who answers the phone, try any way! If you have a group that would like to schedule an event during the week please give Jim a call at 740 323 3959 to work out the details.
Flat Bread Pizza Now Available At Speakeasy & Winery
You will notice a few different things in the tasting room at the winery on Sand Hollow. We now have a stone pizza oven and the tasting bar is different. Come in and try our five  cheese pizza with romano, provolone, mozzarella, asiago and shaved parmesan with special blended tomato sauce from California and world class spicy pepperoni, banana peppers, mushrooms and olives for possible toppings. If you can't find the cash register to check out look for Jim he will be standing in front of it! Exclusively at the winery on Sand Hollow you can also find 'Pearl Valley cheese" to take home or enjoy with crackers during your visit. 
Party Rooms Available In Future Brothel!
Looking for a relaxed place to have your group gather during the holiday season? Hurry before Mr. Speaks expands his business model to include a brothel. For a limited time those rooms and catering are available for as little as $50 (catering is extra!). Call Mr. Speaks at 740-404-8971  reserve a room.
Speakeasy Hours:
Thurs, Friday  and Saturday 5 pm to 9 pm Closed Sunday
Text 740-404-8971 for secret number & availability.
Rooms available for groups.
Winery on Sand Hollow Summer Hours:
Saturday - Noon to 7 pm
Open by appointment only: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  and Friday
Closed Sunday
If in doubt please call (740) 323-3959 or (740) 404 8971 to confirm.
Tasting Room and Private Tasting Room available during week for private parties

Jim Young, Publisher