Wineries are Magical
The long anticipated opening is finally here.
It has been a long winter and I know many of you have missed being able to use the official Sand Hollow Winery outhouse. It is once again fully functional along with the shower on the backside. Unless you want to air dry please bring your own shower towel. As in the past we will be supplying a Sears catalog or other suitable paper products for your convenience. We considered having a water closet attendant like they do in Italy, but couldn't find a volunteer that didn't expect to keep the tips. Maybe next year. Photos can be seen on our website here.  
This Friday May 20th United Way's Dingas walks to Winery
As many of you are aware Executive Director Deb Dingas is on a walk about throughout Licking County for 50 days bringing awareness to the United Way of Licking County mission. She will be camping out, literally with tent, here on Friday night. Talking with those of you who want to hear about the past 48 day trek or just share a glass of wine or two with her! All tips and 10% of non alcoholic sales will be donated to Deb's goal. Bring a tent and join Deb for the evening. Keep in mind we supply paper products only for the outhouse. Remember you have to bring your own towel for the shower. 
Yoga and a Wine Chaser !
Don't delay reserve a spot for one or all of the next yoga classes on Saturday, May 21, June 11 and July 18 at 12:30 p.m. Katie Gilbert, a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor, will take beginners and intermediates through 60 minutes of vinyasa flow. Focusing on breathing, staying present and stretching your body and mind. You will walk away with a sense of peace and relaxation and ready for a glass of wine! Bring your own mat, an open mind, and a thirst for wine.
$15 fee includes 60-minute yoga class and a glass of wine.
Limited space available. Email your reservation to
and put Yoga in the subject line. Please pay at the door.
"Girls Night Out"
"Girls Night Out" the last Wednesday's of the month is back starting May 25th
Jim and Cindy will be showing off their new hats they bought in Italy!
Poppy's Roadside Dinner is back Friday May 27th.
If you haven't had Poppy's comfort food you are missing something wonderful. If you have, you need to experience it again. He has new items this year to compliment his fair fries, fresh potato chips.  His always popular chicken or corn beef Reuben is back along with a new pastrami version. If you have a sweet tooth the ever changing cheesecake always compliments our wines! Check Poppy's full menu online.
Live - Music Police I'm Playing You!
Update: I have had 4 phone calls, 8 emails and two letters from BMI since the posting below. Nate Donchez with BMI said he was coming to the winery the week of May 16th to resolve my illegal usage of copy righted music. I did request to see the illegal activities that I had supposedly done. But nothing has been provided at this point. No surprise because I haven't. If you are at the winery when Nate and his gang come please give them a warm welcome! BMI also wants to negotiate a lower charge for their services. They said it was unfortunate that the $1,500 invoice was sent out.  BMI has taken bullying and harassing to a new level. I want to believe the artist they represent would find these tactics less than acceptable.
[Here is my original post] During the past year the music licensing agency BMI has been harassing wineries relentlessly to pay them an exorbitant fee to have live music at their venues. The $1,500 fee they requested is not something many of us can afford or justify. BMI is using a software program to scan website for key words like Live Music, Bands and Playing to name a few.  Just for kicks and grins I have added those key words to this posting  to see how long it is before they contact me. Here is my disclosure, "I do not allow artist that play cover songs/licensed music at the winery. Yes I believe music artist need to be paid for their art." I will report back how long it takes and the bullying response that I will get!

Jim Young, Publisher