Wineries are Magical
Peep & Wine Pairing New Annual Tradition!
Char Foulk and Stephanie Hall spent countless hours pairing Easter Peeps with Sand Hollow wine. Ok maybe not hours but they seemed to be enjoying themselves along with several other customers. Not sure what was causing more of a buzz the Peeps or the wine!  The hands down favorite was tropical fruit chardonnay with an orange flavored peep.
Yoga and a Wine Chaser !
Saturday, April 23rd at 12:30 p.m.
The only thing better than enjoying a glass of Sand Hollow wine with friends. Is to join Jim and Katie Gilbert, a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor to be one in mind, soul and wine with yourself!
Katie will take beginners and intermediates through 60 minutes of a Vinyasa flow class. Focusing on breathing, staying present and stretching your body and mind. You will walk away with a sense of peace and relaxation and ready for a glass of wine! Bring your own mat, an open mind, and a thirst for wine.
$15 fee includes 60-minute yoga class and a glass of wine.
Limited space available. Email your reservation to and put Yoga in the subject line. Please pay at the door.
Going To Italy!
Cindy and I will be traveling to Italy later this month. The winery will be open and you will be in good hands while we are gone. Our guest bartenders are extremely gifted in their own right. If you don't believe me just ask them I am sure they will expound in extreme and infinite detail. But a few things that you should keep in mind when visiting us while we are away. Despite what any guest bartenders might tell you, we do not have free anything, tips don't go to some shoeless children fund nor do we have tabs for customers!
Live - Music Police I'm Playing You!
During the past year the music licensing agency BMI has been harassing wineries relentlessly to pay them an exorbitant fee to have live music at their venues. The $1,500 fee they requested is not something many of us can afford or justify. BMI is using a software program to scan website for key words like Live Music, Bands and Playing to name a few.  Just for kicks and grins I have added those key words to this posting  to see how long it is before they contact me. Here is my disclosure, "I do not allow artist that play cover songs/licensed music at the winery. Yes I believe music artist need to be paid for their art." I will report back how long it takes and the bullying response that I will get!

Jim Young, Publisher