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SDN Announces Winners of Call for Entries on The Fine Art of Documentary       

SDN is thrilled to present the following winners for this Call for Entries. The judges selected one First Place winner, four Honorable Mentions, and eleven Finalists. The work submitted was strong and a clear demonstration of the commitment and interest in visual storytelling about global themes.   

The first place winner is Isadora Kosofsky from the US for her project Vinny and David: Life and Incarceration of a Family, an intimate look at one family in New Mexico struggling to stay together after one son is incarcerated and another arrested but released. Honorable mentions are Annika Haas from Estonia for Muslims in Estonia, Stan Raucher from the US for Holy Week in Guatemala, Keith Harmon Snow from the US for Inside the Company, Down on the Farm, and David Verberckt from Hungary for The Stateless Rohingya. The Finalists are listed below.

We very much want to thank the jurors for this Call for Entries:
  • Barbara Ayotte: Senior Director of Strategic Communications, Management Sciences for Health
  • Jeff Campagna: Associate Photo Editor, Smithsonian Magazine
  • Alicia Colen: Howard Greenberg Gallery, NY
  • Chelsea Matiash: Deputy Multimedia Editor, TIME
  • Andrea Meislin: Director, Andrea Meislin Gallery, NY
  • Kurt Mutchler: Senior Photo Editor for Science, National Geographic magazine
  • Molly Roberts: Chief Photography Editor at Smithsonian Magazine
  • Glenn Ruga: Founder and Director, Social Documentary Network; Executive Editor of ZEKE magazine
SDN would also like to thank all the photographers who submitted to this call for entries. Click here for more information on this Call for Entries and the prizes received by the winners. Click here to view all the submissions.   

First Place
Isadora Kosofsky
Vinny and David: Life and Incarceration of a Family      
 This photo may look familiar to our readers. Isadora Kosofsky was featured in our July Spotlight as Featured Photographer of the Month . You will be seeing more of this work because as the first place winner, Isadora will also be featured in the upcoming issue of ZEKE magazine.  

Isadora Kosofsky
David holds Felicia from behind as she laughs.

"Vinny and David" begins with Vinny, then 13, when he was incarcerated for stabbing his mother's assailant, and shadows him and his older brother, David; focusing on the brothers' lives in their family and community over four years in New Mexico.  
View exhibit and complete text >>

Isadora Kosofsky
Isadora Kosofsky is a Los Angeles-based documentary photographer and filmmaker. She received the 2012 Inge Morath Award from the Magnum Foundation for her multi-series documentary about the lives and relationships of the elderly. She was a participant in the 2014 Joop Swart Masterclass of World Press Photo. She is the recipient of a 2015 Flash Forward Magenta Foundation Award and a 2015 Commended Award from the Ian Parry Foundation. Her projects have received distinctions from Women in Photography International, Prix de la Photographie Paris and The New York Photo Festival. Isadora's work has been featured in The London Sunday Times, Slate, The Washington Post, TIME, Le Monde, American Photo, VICE, NationSwell, Mashable, PDN, The British Journal of Photography, The Huffington Post and The New Yorker Photo Booth, among others. "Vinny and David: Life and Incarceration of a Family" is featured in the Thames and Hudsons' anthology Family Photography Now and Public Private Portraiture of Mossless.  

Honorable Mentions 
Annika Haas
by Annika Haas/ Estonia
The Muslim community that until now had peacefully lived and worked in Estonia (since the 16th century) started to receive threats from our own Estonians, who placed an equal sign between Islam and ISIS. Throughout centuries, the Muslim community in Estonia has been loyal to the country they ...

Stan Roucher
Holy Week in Guatemala>>
by Stan Raucher/ Guatemala
The burden and beauty of belief weighs heavy on the shoulders of the faithful as they perform the age-old traditions of Holy Week (Semana Santa) that were brought from Spain to Guatemala in the 17th century. Throughout the week, parishioners from churches in and around Antigua, Guatemala, partake in...
Keith Harmon Snow
Inside the Company, Down on the Farm>>
by keith harmon snow/ Democratic Republic of Congo, USA
INSIDE THE COMPANY, DOWN ON THE FARM offers a glimpse of work from a long-term documentary project focused on the freedoms and unfreedoms of people engaged in agriculture. This exhibit showcases labor and social conditions on plantations on the Congo River...
David Verberckt
The Stateless Rohingya>>
by David Verberckt/ Bangladesh, Myanmar, India
More than 10 million people worldwide have no nationality and most are stateless by no fault of their own. Not having a nationality usually occurs because of discrimination against certain groups. Over a million Rohingya live in Myanmar (Burma) where they are stateless in their own country...


To the left of Christ>>
by Dario De Dominicis/ Brazil

In June 2014, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations approved an international resolution helping artisanal fishery, highlighting that it represents more than 90% of the world's extractive fishing. As a photographer, I wanted to investigate the state of degradation and...

By the River>>
by Ian Flanders/ Cambodia

After three long years of helping to build a bridge to freedom for a group of enslaved prostitutes in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, the last thing Ian expected was the confronting realization that opportunity was not enough. The arduous and precarious task of building trust and developing ...

The radioactive and rusty gold of Chernobyl>>
by Pierpaolo Mittica/ Ukraine

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. All the media spoke extensively about Chernobyl, but after documenting for more than 14 years the Chernobyl consequences, I found some interesting and unknown stories inside the zone. One of these stories is about the recycling of radioactive ...

Lost Daughters of Juarez>>
by Gabriel Romero/ Mexico

In the Mexican city of Juarez, thousands of young women have disappeared and hundreds have been found dead since 1993. This phenomenon has helped usher a new word into the lexicon: Femicide. This is described as the deliberate killing of women, because they are women. Sex trafficking and exploitation...

by Ryogo Shioda/ Bangladesh

Arsenic pollution through ground water has become serious social problem in Asia. Arsenic is absorbed into the human body through well water and it has a negative impact on a variety of organs such as the skin. This phenomenon is frequently reported along the rivers, which come from the Tibetan...

And We Remain with Hope>>
by Karen Sparacio/ Uganda

The Acholi Quarter is comprised of displaced refugees who have struggled to rebuild their lives after fleeing from their homeland in Northern Uganda. They have created "home" out of a slum.  They have maintained hope, despite having lost nearly everything. Their resilience and ...

The Enemy of AIDS "Stigma">>
by Carol Allen Storey/ Uganda

AIDS continues to be a disease feared but not understood as education is sparse and medical counselors administering drugs emphasize the peril of the disease being a death sentence to ensure the drugs are taken. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the growth of children contracting the AIDS virus is growing...

Structure Out of Chaos: Shantytowns of America's Homeless>>
by MaryLou Uttermohlen/ United States

This series began in 1993 in Miami, Florida while the city was being sued for violating the civil rights of homeless people. Miami had a habit of jailing the homeless prior to public events. The presiding judge forbid criminalizing the homeless while the topic was being litigated and shantytowns ...

Ukraine's War Children>>
by Jan Zychlinski/ Ukraine

For the past four years I went deeper and deeper into the question of refugees and IDPs (internally displaced persons) from the conflicts after the breakup of the Soviet Union. After visiting the South Caucasian countries Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan (including Nagorno-Karabakh) I also went to ...

Where Do We Go From Here?>>
by Alex Scott/ United States

Instability is a cause of great suffering. Sometimes it's a week, or a year, but most often a generational problem. Over 14,000 families in New York are currently without housing -- enduring endless lines, sleepless nights and a constant insecurity that is passed from parent...

The Tree and the Apple>>
by Ilana Panich-Linsman/ United States

Emily Dextraze is an eleven-year-old beauty pageant competitor who lives in Westfield, Massachusetts, a small town of 42,000 residents in Western New England located about two hours west of Boston. The beauty pageant industry in the United States is estimated to be worth 5 billion U.S...