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Hello DSAM Volunteers!  


We hope that you all have been having a wonderful winter. We have some exciting conferences coming up this spring that we are looking for volunteers!


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Youth & Adult Conference

April 21st, 2012

Bloomington DoubleTree


We are looking for at least 15 volunteers, to support teens and adults with Down syndrome at our 15th Annual Youth & Adult Conference. Additionally we need 1-2 volunteers with first aid training to be onsite during the day
Volunteer descriptions are as follows:
Workshop Support staff: You will be assigned to a team. You will need to know the whereabouts of those in your workshop at all times. If you have a self advocate in your workshop who needs one to one support or who wanders please be sure someone from the team is aware of this person at all times. 

Volunteer Floater: A floater's job is to watch the doors, outdoor break area, and make sure people don't leave the room or building. Floaters support self advocates during breaks to find the restrooms and their way back as well as take individuals to the restroom that may not be able to wait until the break. A floater may also need to man the area outside of the conference rooms where a self advocate may choose to unwind in a less stimulating space.
First Aid Volunteer: This volunteer will have first aid training and will stay in a centralized location in case of an emergency or if a self advocate needs quiet time. 
If you are interested in volunteering at the Youth & Adult Conference, please contact Catherine, either by email: or by phone: (651) 603-0720.
New volunteers will be required to fill out a volunteer information form and have a background check done prior to the conference.

Regional Conference

May 5th, 2012

Bloomington DoubleTree


Our volunteer needs for the 11th Biennial Regional Conference are pretty light. Our needs are as follows:


  • 2 volunteers at the exhibitor check in to guide them to their table.
  • 2 volunteers to greet and guide speakers to their rooms, answer any questions and give them their speakers gifts.
  • 1 person to stay at the check in table for exhibitors & speakers.
If you are interested, please contact Annie by email: or by phone: (651) 603-0720.
Teen & Adult Programming

As part of the Down Syndrome Associations 2013-2016 Strategic Long Range plan, we will be developing and instituting programming for teens and adults with Down syndrome.

If you are interested in participating in the planning of programs or to be considered for volunteering with teens and adults, please contact Catherine: or (651) 603-0720.


Anyone volunteering with children or self advocates is subject to a background check for the safety of our members.