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Winter 2013
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Our best wishes to you for a joyous holiday season and a big THANK YOU from Prevent Child Abuse Arizona for your support throughout the year!

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Our Failure to PREVENT   

is the Real Problem, Not CPS 

The shocking news that broke last week about Arizona's Child Protection System (CPS) ignoring 6500 legitimate reports of child abuse over the past several years was yet another sure sign that we must shift more of our priorities to preventing bad things from happening to children in the first place.  

Arizona now has the ignoble distinction of the largest recent growth in foster care placements of any state in the country - children who were injured or neglected in the own families who have been moved into foster homes and agencies for their own protection.  

The problems Arizona is facing are not only disgraceful, they are extremely expensive.  And yet there are life saving and cost-effective solutions, like preventing child maltreatment in the first place.

Decades of research have repeatedly shown that parents want help raising children and when that help starts early around the time of birth, children thrive. When children thrive, our costs for law enforcement, health care, education and prisons go down.

Preventive strategies like Healthy Families, Nurse Family Partnership, and other home visiting programs cost a fraction of what we are paying now for CPS to react after the damage is done.

Yet according to Zero to Three, 35% of maltreated children in Arizona are under the age of three, yet only 9% of parents of young children in Arizona are receiving home visiting programs.  Annually 45% of births in Arizona are to single mothers, and 54% will be paid for by AHCCCS - Arizona's Medicaid program. The challenges of poverty and isolation all too often overwhelm a parent's capacity to cope.  

Arizona needs to start right there to build a real prevention system for new parents - so that instead of foster care after the damage is done and the family fails, we are investing in healthy, stable parents who raise kids who have a real chance in life.

If you believe as we do that Arizona can do better by its children, contact the Governor and your legislators and ask them to support funding for prevention.

It is the only solution we can afford, and the only way out to turn this crisis into an opportunity for real change for children.
Fall Update


Meet Connor, age 4, #1 Salesman of Pinwheels for Prevention

One of our state's youngest residents recently took action to help PCA Arizona fulfill its mission and raise awareness. 

Conner, age 4, of Phoenix, earned his #1 Pinwheel Salesman Badge by selling our 'Pinwheels for Prevention' in front of his local grocery store and YMCA to raise $300 for PCA Arizona.

Strong Families Arizona Home Visitors Conference  - September 24 & 25

Over 650 community professionals attended the second Home Visitors Conference in Mesa. This statewide training is all about how home visiting helps new parents get off to a good start with their babies. Home visiting is the BEST strategy for keeping young children safe and healthy, while strengthening families so they succeed in one of life's toughest jobs! Arizona's Home Visiting programs are working every day in communities across the state! Learn more at:  (strongfamiliesaz.com)

Strong Families Az is funded by the Arizona Department of Health, Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation - October 24

Phoenix Children's Hospital and PCA Arizona co-hosted a breakfast meeting to kickoff a statewide effort to prevent child sexual abuse. On October 24 over 100 community professionals met to identify strategies to fight sex trafficking and molestation of children.  Law enforcement, media, medical and community advocates will work together in 2014 to implement six broad strategies statewide.

Art for a Cause - KIDS! - November 15

PCA Arizona and Yavapai Family Advocacy Center hosted an Open House and Annual Children's Art Auction for 40-50 friends and colleagues throughout the community. Funds raised benefited the Yavapai Family Advocacy Center, one of 19 multidisciplinary centers around the state that help reduce trauma to victims of family violence.

The advocacy center provided services to almost 400 victims of all ages this year, from throughout Yavapai County.

"Art therapy is an excellent vehicle for healing - both children and adults benefit from expressing themselves through the creative process after trauma." - Therapist, Yavapai Family Advocacy Center

2013 Grants and Awards:

MANY THANKS to the many supporters of our mission and projects throughout the past year. Join us in giving special thanks to the following for grant awards in 2013:

In support of Never Shake a Baby Arizona - educating parents of new babies about coping with crying and the dangers of shaking - reaching 45,000 new parents each year in hospitals throughout the state:
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Child Abuse Prevention License Plate Program
  • Desert Diamond Casino
  • Phoenix Suns Charities
  • Xerox
In support of Yavapai Family Advocacy Center - for child and adult victims of family violence, advocacy services and supplies.
  • Tucson Electric/UniSource Gas

  • Windermere
  • PANT

  • Local Governments

  • Verizon-Hopeline

  • Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe

  • Captain Crossfit/Rider Daves Place


Service Clubs:

  • Prescott Noon Lioness
  • Prescott Sunrise Lions
  • Kiwanis Club of Bradshaw Mountain
  • Xi Alpha Eta of Beta Sigma Phi
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