Winter 2017

Encourage your employees to maximize their health and manage their benefits anywhere, anytime. Delta Dental's mobile app will give them access to the dentist search tool, claims and coverage, ID cards, and more. The most-used feature is now on the landing page. All they have to do is simply log in to the mobile app to view their ID card, show it at their dental office, or email it to a dependent or provider. 

More information on the specific features and tools available on the Delta Dental mobile app can be found here.

Delta Dental of Colorado knows how important small businesses are to our state economy. After all, we're the only dental company owned and operated in Colorado for nearly 60 years. So we've created new options for the more than half a million small businesses in Colorado so that they have many of the same options as larger companies. That's good for their employees' health and their bottom line.  So what's new for 2017?
  • Customized benefit options for groups of 51-100.
  • Orthodontia options for groups of 10+ enrolled employees.
  • Availability of two-year rate guarantees.
If you'd like to learn more about these options, contact your account manager:

We want to help you keep your employees healthy and smiling. Delta Dental has a robust library of materials you can use  to help your employees understand the value of their dental benefits and the connection between their oral and overall health. These communication materials can be found on the Employer and the Oral Health & Wellness pages on our website. 

Don't forget about the Employer Communication Toolkit. This is the perfect tool to help you find articles you can use in employee newsletters, flyers and infographics that you can post in break rooms, and videos to help your employees understand their dental benefits better.

Want to stay up to date on what's happening with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Here are some websites and articles that you may want to check out.

The recipients of the 2016 Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation  Innovation Grants have been officially announced. This initiative works to develop and test new approaches to some of the state's most pressing oral health challenges. The foundation, in partnership with the company, funded a total of $220,000 to support these projects. The recipients are an exciting group of researchers, nonprofits, and high-tech companies throughout the Front Range:
  • Colorado School of Mines will work to advance regenerative materials for teeth. This new approach for treating a cavity would restore a tooth to its original condition, eliminating the need for a traditional filling.
  • Sharklet Technologies will apply its technology to a dental setting for the first time to produce bacteria-resistant retainers and other devices. 
  • Quadric BioMed will work to bring to market a new type of dental implant that could significantly reduce bacteria build-up common with traditional implant devices. 
  • Dental Aid seeks to reduce emergency department visits and overall cost of care by directing patients to dental providers and establishing dental homes for patients. 
  • Clinica Family Health Services will develop new practice-management tools to improve dental care quality at its clinics.
Congratulations to the recipients.

Do your employees have questions about using their dental benefits? Do they need access to information that will help them understand the difference between a copay and coinsurance or the importance of an in-network provider vs. an out-of-network provider? Well, Delta Dental has resources for them.

Delta Dental of Colorado's blog offers a wealth of resources that are searchable, including  Insurance 101, 102, and 103 infographics, along with Tips for New Enrollees and Navigating Your Claim.

Delta Dental of Colorado's website has a page for members called Using Your Benefits. It gives members step-by-step instructions on how to find a dentist, schedule an appointment, and read and understand their explanation of benefits (EOB).

Delta Dental of Colorado's YouTube page has great, easy-to-understand videos that explain deductible, copay vs. coinsurance, and annual maximum. It's a good place to start when an employee is just starting coverage or needs a little refresher.

What is a Deductible?
Annual Maximum

Regular visits to the dentist for checkups and cleanings are fundamental to making your smile last and preventing tooth decay and gum disease. This quarter's LifeSmile wellness flyer gives you tips on how you can help your dentist help you. As we celebrate Children's Dental Health Month, we have included another LifeSmile wellness flyer with tips on healthy little smiles. Keeping you and your child's smile healthy is an important step to keeping your bodies healthy. If your teeth and gums stay healthy, your body is less susceptible to serious disease. Post this flyer in a lunch room or break room, email it to your employees, or include it on your company wellness platform.

A Spanish version of the flyers are also available. If you're looking for more Spanish wellness materials, send an email to

It's important for your employees to understand the connection between their oral health and overall health. Delta Dental has made it easy for you to encourage your employees to be healthy. We created The Wellness Connection, an employee source for all things related to their oral and overall health. As part of our wellness program, members can learn about oral health, the importance of prevention, and tips for keeping their smile bright and body healthy. The   Oral Health & Wellness page on our website is full of electronic flyers and links to videos that you can share with your employees.

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