The most important news we have to share concerns a ministry transition for me in my role with the FBFI.

Winter in South Carolina
Officially, there are two more weeks of winter, but it seems to have come and gone one weekend in January! The grass has been green, the cherry trees have been blooming for a few weeks, and it is shirtsleeve weather! Of course, we hardly ever get snow, but thirty years ago we had a heavy snow in early April. Hoping for none of that this year.
High School 50th Reunion
Christine and Greg Rogers 
Bedford, Virginia

Tickles with Jack
Past Meetings and Becky's Book

In this update and perhaps the next few updates, we have less travel to report. I enjoyed some tickling time with the grandchildren. The meeting in Bedford was outstanding, and my class reunions put me in close contact with a lot of people who are really getting old!Speaking of that, I was visited by two long-time friends from my days in the Air Force who were with me in Thailand the night I was saved! As we mentioned in the update in September, we have protected as much time at home as possible to focus on writing projects. Many have asked about progress on Becky's book. It has moved much slower than we had hoped, but we have made very good progress in the last few days. We have another full week set aside in March to focus on that exclusively. Pray for Becky and me as we work through stories of the past, some painful to remember. 

Becky with Dr. and Mrs. Ken Hay

at the Wilds

Friends from Thailand days

BJU 40th Reunion
40th Class Reunion
Bob Jones University
Surgery Career

As well, I am continuing to build my resume in my long and illustrious surgery career. After awaiting an appointment with the podiatrist for several months, I got a two-day notice that I would have surgery to correct toenail problems on both feet. It was outpatient surgery under local anesthesia but in the operating room. Since I was awake, they let me choose the music, so I am telling people I spent Inauguration Day, January 20, listening to classical music and having my nails done! All healed up now and enjoying happy feet! Every time I have surgery, I breathe a sigh of relief and think, "Maybe that will be the last one."
Korean pastor friend at AFCB Meeting
Grandson Alex

Silas, Becca, and Sarah
Grandkids: Becca, Silas, and Sarah
Family and Recent Travel

We were not able to have all the grandkids visit at the same time over the holidays, but we did get to see all of them in various visits. Sarah and Silas were both here when Debbie's four were here the week after Christmas, and of course, Jack is local. I made a quick trip to Orlando to spend a couple of days with Alex and got to spend a day with him at Sea World. Fun! I attended the ICECE and AFCB meetings near the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. in early January. Numerous opportunities at Faith Baptist included our visit on Christmas Day to encourage dear Pastor Fred Thomas who was in the hospital. I then had the honor of preaching his graveside memorial service along with his nephew, retired Army Chaplain, COL Tom McGregor. We greatly enjoyed the revival meeting at Faith with Evangelist Mike Manor in late January and a teaching opportunity with our Ministers in Training on the topic of "Developing a Preaching Plan." Also, I had a wonderful time in frigid eastern Pennsylvania at a men's retreat and Sunday services with Pastor Al Cremard and the Independent Bible Church of Duryea, Pennsylvania. It was so good to reconnect with Assistant Pastor Erik Hansen, whose family we know from his days at Faith.
The Hansens and Cremards, Duryea, PA
The Fred Thomas family

FBFI South Regional
the Wilds
Upcoming Travel

Upcoming travel includes a trip to the coast to spend a week writing in mid-March, followed by the Southeast Regional FBFI meeting at the Wilds Christian Camp, then a four-day revival meeting at Word of Life Baptist Church in Matoon, Illinois, on April 16-19. The last full week of May, I will head back to the Philippines for the Pacific Rim FBFI in Cebu. The Annual Fellowship of FBFI will meet this year at Maranatha Baptist University, in Watertown, Wisconsin, June 13-15, 2017. Other potential travel is on the calendar but subject to change depending on writing projects and ministry transitions.
Olives in Israel!
Israel Tours

Anyone who has ever taken a guided tour to Israel is invited to go with us on an upcoming Advanced Tour. The dates for the tour are January 7-19, 2018. If you are interested in this tour please contact us right away to get further information about the first deposit.  There is also one option for first timers, but participants will have to make an immediate deposit since the tour leaves this June 11-23, 2017. Again, contact us if you are interested. 
CH (COL) Joe Willis, USAR (RET)
Ministry Transition

The most important news we have to share concerns a ministry transition for me in my role with the FBFI. At our Winter Board Meeting two weeks ago, in addition to adopting a new name for the FBFI (now "Foundations Baptist Fellowship International") I informed the men that it is time to find my replacement as President. I agreed to serve during the search and to continue to serve as Editor of FrontLine until a full transition is accomplished. The leadership role could be handed off later this year, and the magazine will be handed off no later than the end of 2019. Retired Army Reserve Chaplain (COL) Joe Willis is sharing the role of Chaplain Endorser already, so that will be a smooth transition. I hope to remain on the board of the FBFI but will focus my ministry on JCVEA moving forward.
FrontLine Clubber!

Our goals are to finish Becky's book, turn my focus to other writing projects of mine that are stacked up like airplanes over Atlanta, and accept local ministry opportunities as they arise. Of course, we have FrontLine Clubs International to maintain and grow, plus an anticipated increase in ministry opportunities for Becky. We will keep you posted on all of that, but for now we are asking for prayer for this transition and its financial impact on us. God has always met every need and we do not doubt Him now. Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do to support and encourage us.
Love and Prayers,


John Vaughn and Becky