Upcoming Events
  • July 20 Warehouse Packing Day  (RSVP's are helpful as we plan for lunch  wnp@uwsp.edu  - thank you, and all are welcome for any amounts of time
  • July 22-24  Madison Children's Museum Chica Nica Sale
  • July 26 Wisconsin Swings for Nicaragua (Golf Outing) Winagamie Golf Course
  • Sept 9  Quarterly Meeting in Nelson Hall

  • Sept 16  W/NP at Art in the Park, Stevens Point

  • October 1-31  11th Annual Bike/Hike event

12th Annual Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners
golf fella
Fox Cities Golf Outing

Wednesday, July 26th.  Click here for more info If you are not golfing but would like to join us for lunch, raffles and silent auction (fun time!!) cost is $12.00.  Questions or to sign up contact Judy

Learning Center Project

Click here  for May LC Meeting Report and Photos (English)
Click here  for May LC Meeting Report and Photos (Spanish)

Class schedule and previous reports can be viewed on W/NP website  Click here


Reminder - Next Monthly Learning Center Meeting in Managua July 29, 2017
Why do I take the class today?
  • As director of the center my desire is to have more tools and knowledge to teach my students to make the most of it. This helps as a motivation. 
  • To enrich our knowledge no matter what the content is. They teach us new techniques to be shared with others. 
  • Crafts are very interesting since you learn to use waste products and it helps to motivate us to recycle and make something useful.
  • Jewelers are a source of income that helps our students to have more opportunities.
  • I like to get along with all the people who attend the meetings. This also help us to reduce stress. 
  • Crafting helps us invent new, creative ideas for some special occasions and save money.
Thank you for voting! W/NP won the Choose Your Charity contest from Old National Bank!! 

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