Spotlight on a W/NP volunteer 
W/NP volunteers come in all varieties, and we are exceedingly thankful for the incredible talents each person so willingly shares.  Personal efforts are the key that helps many much needed projects to continue and thrive. 
Patty is a prime example. Having extensive professional experience as a librarian, she became involved with our lending library project by purchasing books from a variety of sources and donating them to the W/NP lending library project to help build the collection of books for the lending libraries in Nicaragua. She recently researched the programs available to non-profits through Scholastic Books, and discovered ways to get more books for less money, simply wonderful - thank you Patty and all the people who graciously collect books, donate books or donate funds so we can keep building the book collections!

Patty volunteers with many organizations in our community, in the photo above she was recently honored at the St. Michael's Hospital Volunteer Award event (flower child pic). They say volunteering contributes to a healthier, happier life, and Patty looks radiant so it must be true!
Learning Center Updates 
The Learning Centers continue to thrive thanks to the many people in Nicaragua and Wisconsin that work together to offer a variety of experiences for all who are involved.

Monthly Meetings for the Learning Center Program are offered last Saturday of each month at the W/NP Managua Office.  Below is the meeting activity schedule for the remainder of 2015 

April 25
Elaboraci?n de Alfiletero con retazos/Pin cushions from pieces of material
May 23
Celebraci?n del d?a de las Madres/Mother's Day Celebration
June 27
Elaboraci?n de bolsos Espa?oles/ Spanish handbags
July 25
Pintura en jarrones de barro/Painting clay vases
August 29
Decoraci?n para Refrigerador/Refrigerator Decorations
September 26
Elaboraci?n de Bolsos reciclaje/Recycling bags
October 31
Elaboraci?n de fabuchas montadas en lapicero/Pen decorations
November 28
Fiesta de Fin de A?o/End of the Year party

W/NP Wisconsin warehouse packing day - June 18  
Come join in 3rd Thursday of each month  at the  W/NP Wisconsin Warehouse  - we'll start about 9 am and continue until done, usually early afternoon.  If you can't attend, but would like to help with lunch, let us know   

2015 Events and Activities

Next Quarterly Meeting 
Stevens Point
Nelson Hall 
Saturday  August 8  
Working together, we make a difference.  

Thank you for being a part of W/NP