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Volume 3, Issue 7
Lessons Learned and Next Steps

LaToya Sykes

Wisconsin Promise Partners Meeting: Wisconsin Promise had a Partnership Meeting on June 24th, 2016 in Milwaukee. The Wisconsin Promise partners greatly benefited from the energized facilitation by LaToya Sykes from Our Next Generation encouraging collaboration and doing a wonderful job summarizing lessons learned along the way.  Full Story

Ellies' Updates

With Promise enrollment underway and services getting started, who are the participants of the program so far? This article highlights some statistics about Wisconsin Promise participants. 
Make Your Money Talk: 2-Part Series

Tuesday, July 19 and Thursday, July 21 in Racine. 

Sign up for this two-part money management series to develop skills and knowledge to help you plan for your financial well-being. 

Financial Planning Resources

What tools and resources are available to support or assist you in improving your personal finances? Here are a few to check out and add to your resource lists. Click Here
Promise for Parents

Do you have a teen transitioning from high school? Here are some resources to help you plan for the future. Click Here
Promise for Teen Participants

You've made some choices and explored the possibilities of what's ahead. Now wise one, share your wisdom with others. Click Here
Meet Our Family Advocates 

John Jahnke, Green Bay, WI: WDA 4 & 5
John is the father of a child with a disability and the brother of someone with a disability. He has watched his sibling work through the available resources and his sibling will soon be coming off of support and will be fully independent. John has seen the rewards of working toward and achieving increasing levels of independence, and he believes the system can work. 
He is excited to be part of the Promise team and to work toward a future where the focus is on a person's abilities and not their disabilities. He believes that when we allow ourselves to look past obstacles people may have, we can see the incredible skills they possess to overcome their obstacles.
Meet more Promise advocates Here
Steering Committee Profile Members and Emails

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