Champion of the Week: Wisconsin Says Become a Literacy Advocate!

There are many ways that states can become a champion of the national Educate & Elevate Campaign . This week we recognize Wisconsin Literacy for its efforts to link to the national campaign by creating a landing page to educate its members with specific calls to action to support adult education.
Replicate Wisconsin's efforts and use our toolkit to announce your partnership with the campaign via your website and social media accounts, a tailored press release and much more.
Noted below is the website content that Wisconsin Literacy used to announce its participation in the Educate & Elevate Campaign. How will you announce your statewide efforts?
This year, Wisconsin Literacy is joining the more than 55,000 adult literacy educators participating in COABE's Educate and Elevate Campaign. Never underestimate the power of one voice to the right listener! Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. encourages its friends, members, and other stakeholders to raise their voices for the importance of supporting a more literate Wisconsin.  
You can help by speaking to your local, state or federal elected officials and letting them know about your involvement with literacy. Whether you are a literacy tutor, student, program director, or just someone who believes literacy is a skill we must invest in more, you can have an impact! Share your literacy success stories!
If you want to know who your local or state representatives are and how to reach them, follow the links below and enter your address or zip code:
Your U.S. Senator and Representative:
Your Wisconsin Senator and Representative:
Promote your State Page 
We have less than six weeks until adult education leaders "hit the Hill" to educate policy makers about the value of our work. We have developed several tools for these visits including key talking points and a campaign fact sheet . During the Capitol Hill visits, we'll be showcasing all of the innovations and success stories from each state through our new Locator Map feature on the Educate & Elevate website.
Click here to review an example of a robust state page from the Texas Association for Literacy and Adult Education (TALAE).
Make sure that your state is well represented by submitting innovations and success stories at the links below.

Legislative Postcards: Ready for your Direct Mail Efforts
An easy way to get support for adult education is to use our editable ready-to-mail postcards. We recommend using the following message on the postcard:
We urge you to support funding Adult Education at the $649 million level as called for in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act which was enacted in 2014. Help us build a strong economy. For more information, go to
Click here for the editable postcard and engage your friends, family, colleagues and students by having them sign and send to your legislators .
Click here to send a "quick fire" email to legislators.
Upcoming Webinar: Using Data for Building a Business Case of Support for Adult Education
Don't forget to register for the upcoming webinar during our 2017 COABE Virtual Conference on 10/25/17 to learn effective strategies for using data to build a business case of support for adult education. Chair of the National Council of State Directors of Adult Education, Reecie Stagnolia will share the most effective data points to tell our adult education story with examples and tools to help you tailor your efforts at the state and local level.    
Register at this link to participate in our upcoming virtual conference, and be sure to participate in the 10/25/17 webinar scheduled for 10:00 a.m. EDT.
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