By the Light of the Moon - January 2017
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2017 is upon us, and it's the year that we will celebrate Wisconsin Singers' 50th anniversary! We are excited for the biggest celebration that we've ever had, as we begin to plan for On Campus in November 2017. If you are interested in helping with planning the 50th Anniversary celebration - please contact us at

In the meantime, we have a jam packed semester of shows planned for the troupe. With our traditional Hayward weekend already behind us, the troupe has refreshed their chops at a two day "reboot" rehearsal. With a number of two show weekends coming up, life in Wisconsin Singers world is as fun and busy as ever. 

Two of our business interns have left to study abroad so we've got new students on our team - welcome to Payton Priztl (Taylor's sister/Project Manager), Claire Krieger (Graphic Arts) and Jordan Huber (PR/Marketing). 

In other news, we have booked a stop in Louisville on our way to Florida and The Villages. As many of you know, a show in Louisville was a longstanding tradition of great memories with our Louisville alums and Boy Scout Troupe. This year's show in Louisville will be hosted at Oldham Arts Center thanks to relatives of the Gruling/Buttke family and will help to raise dollars for a young father from the area recently stricken with colon cancer. 

As always, we hope to see you at a show in the near future. 

On Wisconsin Singers!
*Educating * Entertaining * Inspiring
--our true colors--

We are in need of bookings for late spring and summer 2017. Use the Singers for a fundraiser, event entertainment or bring us to your community for fun! 

Siri Pinter Daly ( Wisconsin Singers singer/dancer:  2000-2002) is a Today Show food contributor. Her recipes can be found at

Upcoming Shows




Fri. Jan. 27 Plymouth Choirs Plymouth H.S. Auditorium 7:00 PM 920.892.2661
Sat. Jan. 28 Beaver Dam Lions Club Beaver Dam H.S. Auditorium 7:30 PM 920.885.5698
Fri. Feb. 3rd New Lisbon Choirs New Lisbon H.S. Gymnasium 7:00 PM 608.562.3700 X1345
Sat. Feb. 4 Verona Performing Arts Series Verona High School PAC 7:00 PM 608.848.2787

All That Jazz 
As UW-Madison's director of jazz studies, Johannes Wallmann has pumped  palpable energy into a program that has grown during his five years here to connect not just with students, but with the local jazz community. "Anyplace that has jazz, you'll see him," says Susan Lipp, a UW supporter who helped steward the gift that endowed Wallmann's posi-tion. "We're really lucky we got him," she says in an Isthmus profile. "Really lucky."  Photo: Nick Berard

In This Issue

Bobby Naramore - Alumnus/Saxophones

Friends of Wisconsin Singers-President

Bobby Naramore never imagined himself in a role of leadership when he was an undergraduate in Wisconsin Singers. After graduating from Milton High School in 2001, he just knew he wanted to keep playing saxophone. Three years later, with nearly 100 Singers gigs to his credit, he realized that playing wasn't just "fun" but something much more. "I learned that it wasn't just enough to play for myself. We learned how to entertain and connect with our audiences, not just onstage but also off. Entertaining just wasn't a part of my musical vocabulary until I joined the Singers band." 
Bobby graduated from the UW Madison with a degree in Political Science, went on to UW Whitewater to get a second degree in Mathematics and is now just a year away from his Masters in Data Science. Married to his high school sweetheart, Jenni, he works from home as a Data Analyst specializing in healthcare quality. He plays sax in the Edgewood Jazz Ensemble and even finds time to judge Forensics with Jenni. 
As the current President of Friends of Wisconsin Singers, our nonprofit support group, Bobby has been in the forefront of moving the program through some real challenges, hiring new staff and working with our students on learning how to handle transition with professionalism and patience. He chose to serve on the Exec Board as a way to give back to the program, wanting to help the Singers grow, evolve and become ever stronger. 
His advice to our current Singers is to focus on honing their time management skills because they will not only be more successful in college but more importantly, need these same skills in life after graduation. Bobby also encourages the troupe to really enjoy their time together because it'll be over in the "blink of an eye." 

Wisconsin Singers Spotlight 
Hunter Hermes
Hunter is Singers drummer, joining us as a sophomore Accounting major. Originally from Westosha, Hunter graduated from Westosha Central where he played in jazz, concert and pit band.  He was on the Varsity Tennis team and was the drummer for Central Swing Incorporated, Westosha's show choir. 

When he came to the UW, he did not audition for any music ensembles and soon realized that something was missing. He learned about the Singers through a mass email. He knew that his former babysitter, Holly (Novak) Reardon was a Wisconsin Singer and he remembered hearing that she enjoyed being in the troupe so he thought he'd give it a try. His parents, Tami and Scott, had been to many Singers shows to cheer for Holly and were thrilled that Hunter became a part of such a fun and musical group. 

Hunter has been surprised at how quickly the troupe became so close, a real "family" away from home. He notes that he feels a part of a very strong support system, there for him whenever and whatever he needs. He spends time just jamming with Liam (WS Electric Guitar) and play two man band charts. In his spare time, he still plays tennis, likes to listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers and admits to being an avid video gamer. 

Favorite memory so far? "I throw my sticks in the air in one of the band features and completely missed catching them at it at an On Campus show. I had to make it look planned and just kind of went with that. The audience still applauded!" Hunter is looking forward to gigging throughout the rest of the semester as he just loves to hear how excited the audience gets at the shows. For him, playing shows on the weekends are his way of unwinding after a full week of studying, a way to do what he loves. 

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