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Wise Guys Celebrates It's Last Weekend in
Downtown Syracuse Before Moving to "the Burbs"
We're On The Move!
We are soon going to be announcing the location of our new venue.  We can't spill all of the details yet... but what we can tell you is that our new home will be bigger to allow for more seating in the showroom and dining space so that we can accommodate larger parties, have its own parking, and will be in your backyard instead of in the city. 
Wise Guys has always been a part of the community.  Our owners grew up in central New York and are raising their families here too.  By bringing what we do closer to our family of fans, we will continue to be your home-town place for great comedy and entertainment. 
We can't wait to welcome you to our new home!


Performing This Week in Syracuse...

Bill Campbell & Larry DeFelice



Bill Campbell




BILL CAMPBELL is a veteran stand-up comedian whose talent has been pleasing audiences for 25 years.  His universal family-oriented humor has made him a sought after headline performer throughout the US and Canada.  Bill has done it all, from small intimate comedy clubs to lavish cruise ships and corporate functions.  He is a sold professional who night in and night out entertains his audiences with hilarious, poignant insights. 


Bill Campbell
Bill Campbell



Larry DeFelice



LARRY DEFELICE delivers a healthy, high-energy combination of impressions, original characters and life observations that leave his audiences feeling great and wanting more! He has been seen on Conan O'Brien and Indie sitcoms such as DMV.


Larry DeFelice
Larry DeFelice


Show Times:
Thursday:  7:30 pm (6:05 pm dinner)
Friday:  8 pm (6:05 pm dinner) & 9:45 pm (8:05 pm dinner)
Saturday:  8 pm (6:05 pm dinner) & 9:45 pm (8:05 pm dinner)
Ticket Prices:
Thursday -
     show only: $15 , "Dinner & a Laugh": $37.50 (includes tax & gratuity)
Friday & Saturday -
     show only: $17.50, "Dinner & a Laugh": $39 (includes tax & gratuity)
Emcees This Week:
Thursday - Jonathan Dean
Friday - Tom Anzalone
Saturday - Tom Anzalone
To Purchase Tickets:
Call 315-477-9898 or go to:  www.wiseguyssyracuse.com


   abay black Riveredge Resort  

This summer Wise Guys returns to Alexandria Bay every Thursday night at the beautiful Riveredge Resort.
Show Time is 9pm.  Tickets are $10.
You can purchase tickets at the door, or you can call 703-0970 for reservations.


This Week... Tom Anzalone & Dan McCort


Tom Anzalone



TOM ANZALONE returns to the Wise Guys A-Bay stage as your headliner for this Thursday night.  With a few props, a guitar and a roll of electrical tape, Tom produces quick and quirky musical impersonations of Elvis, Elton, Springstein and countless more.  He consistently hits the right notes for any audience! 







Dan McCort


DAN MCCORT honed his cynical style working the comedy clubs in Manhattan, where he had the opportunity to share the stage with some of his influences, including Bill Burr and Jim Gaffigan. He was featured on Extra with Mario Lopez in 2009 and hosted the Ithaca Comedy Festival in February of 2012. His act is sharp and insightful, and he is fun to watch on stage because he clearly has a narcissistic infatuation with performing.





  smart ass trivia logo

3 rounds of fast-paced, intelligent fun!
Hosted by Steve Patrick
1st round starts at 7:30 pm
cool prizes and
food & drink specials



SmartAss Trivia gives you the long kiss goodbye...

Friday Night Jazz with ESP from 5-8pm
esp broken window   
This Syracuse-based quartet plays real jazz that you don't need a GPS to follow. 
E.S.P. gives yesterday's bebop a  tasteful modern touch by blending their traditional jazz roots with great improvisation, fresh grooves and original compositions.
E.S.P's sound is part jazz, part groove and part world music, providing something for every type of jazz-lover.

To download songs from their Sammy-Award-Winning Album,