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Tame Those Tantrums

What can be better than talking about
Come join us, have a glass (or so) of WINE and leave with new strategies to END TANTRUMS.
Tame Those Tantrums
November, 18th 6:30 PM

Tantrums are an explosion of feelings. Kids have the same feelings as we do, but they have yet to learn how to productively express them. The feelings can come rushing at grown ups like a tidal wave, leaving them confused and upset. Join me, Certified Parenting Coach, Brandi Davis, ACC, to discover ways to help teach your kids how to express their emotions in a calmer and more productive way and see tantrums disappear
  1. The range of emotions that children can have and how they can cause tantrums and fighting 
  2. How to head off tantrums while still allowing children to express strong feelings 
  3. Strategies that can be used to help children manage their feelings so that they learn to express them in productive and calm ways.

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