JUNE 2017
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Practice Updates
Witt/Kieffer is pleased to share that Paul W.H. Bohne and Donna Padilla will lead the firm's Healthcare practice  as Managing Partners, effective July 1. Paul and Donna will oversee the operations of the practice, ensuring that Witt/Kieffer's clients are provided with exceptional service and outstanding results. Paul joined Witt/Kieffer in 1994 and is based in the firm's Boston office. Donna has been with the firm since 1999 and works out of the firm's corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, IL.

Additionally, the firm is proud to announce an increased Southwest Florida presence, with a focus on serving healthcare organizations located in and around the Naples market, including Fort Myers and Port Charlotte, led by senior partners Kimberly A. Smith and Oliver B. Tomlin, III. Smith and Tomlin join Jena E. Abernathy, Managing Partner of Witt/Kieffer's Board Practice, who has worked with healthcare and private equity businesses across Florida in the areas of board services and economic development for many years.

Witt/Kieffer was pleased to support and attend the 2017 Catholic Health Assembly  held in New Orleans, LA. The theme of this year's conference was "Building Bridges by Faith." Senior Associate Dan Young presented a Learning Lounge session titled "Chief Experience Officers at the Executive Table."

Witt/Kieffer is pleased to attend and support the LGBTQ Presidents Institute 2017, June 23-25 in Seattle, WA. The institute is designed to support LGBTQ leaders looking to advance within academia, as well as for faculty, staff, and students looking for an opportunity to learn about current issues in higher education affecting the LGBTQ community.
The firm is also pleased to support and attend the CASE 2017 Summit for Leaders in Advancement, July 16-18 in San Francisco, CA. The event brings together more than 800 advancement leaders to focus on challenges and opportunities facing today's advancement market.

In a few short years, the dynamics of the presidential search in higher education have changed dramatically. Best Practices in Higher Education Presidential Search is a resource for a new era (please note a brief registration is required).
Each year Witt/Kieffer aims to foster the growth of individuals who are pursuing a career in healthcare. In support of this goal, Witt/Kieffer is pleased to welcome Trey Wilson, a  participant in the Institute for Diversity in Health Management's   Summer Enrichment Program (SEP). Trey is  a student in the Master of Health Administration program at Texas A&M University.
Trey will work on an innovative survey which will dive deep into up and coming healthcare executives and their career goals and priorities.
Feature Story
Witt/Kieffer CEO Transition
These are exciting times for our firm, as  
Andrew P. Chastain takes the helm as new CEO on July 1. He moves up from his role as Managing Partner and Chair of the Healthcare Practice and will remain integrally involved in healthcare client work. Chastain succeeds Charles W.B. Wardell, III, who has overseen six years of record growth for our firm. Wardell, we are pleased to note, will stay on as Senior Advisor to the firm. The planned transition was announced to the public this spring. 

Both Chastain and Wardell fully appreciate the need for strong and steady leadership during times of change. They recently sat down with AESC President and CEO Karen Greenbaum for a podcast on Leadership Amidst Rapid Change. While change is afoot, it is important to note that executive search, as Wardell puts it, "as a basic relationship business is still very much intact."

What will Chastain prioritize as the firm's new CEO? He spoke recently with Becker's Hospital Review to provide insight: 5 Questions with Incoming Witt/Kieffer CEO Andrew Chastain. 

Thought Leadership
Student Affairs Officers as Makers of Meaning | In an article for Inside Higher Ed, consultant Sheila Murphy explains, "Campus leadership in student affairs today is not for the faint of heart. Even the most seasoned student affairs officers can struggle to make meaning out of their daily toil."  With the complexity of campus environments, student safety and societal and institutional demands, student affairs officers are tasked with forecasting a balance between long-term satisfaction and the management of a multifaceted field. However, Murphy elaborates on how a difficult position can truly yield a meaningful difference in higher education. 
The Recruiter's View: Physician Leaders Must Think Hard about Soft Skills  | "Qualified physician leaders are in short supply and great demand," writes Linda Komnick, Senior Partner & Co-Leader of the Physician Integration and Leadership Practice at Witt/Kieffer. Although many physicians are natural leaders, Komnick indicates the need for the development of soft skills to bridge successfully to a challenging administrative role in her article for Physician's Weekly. From embracing coaching to exploring mentoring, Komnick provides an in-depth assessment on the need for the right mixture of hard and soft skills to be most successful.     
Career Corner
Career Best Practices: How to Work with an Executive Search Consultant  |  Whether you are new to working with a search consultant or have previous experience, you know there are numerous steps involved in landing a great job. Is your resume in good shape? Are you prepared for the upcoming interview? A way to navigate this tedious process is to have a strong advocate on your side to help you along the way and who better than an experienced search consultant? In this article, Suzanne Teer provides do's and don'ts to working successfully with a search consultant to maximize your experience and future success. As Teer says, "The best-case scenario? You get the job and enjoy great success in it. The worst case? You don't get the job but now you have a search consultant who knows you well and will be ready to assist you when the next opportunity comes along."
Rewarding the Hidden Middle  |  "What would happen if 80% of our employees walked out the door tomorrow?" asks Chief Human Resources Officer Debra Jerome. Although an unlikely scenario, Jerome uses this question to reveal a significant percentage of employees who are in the middle of an organization, hidden and relatively unacknowledged, known as "the hidden middle."  Are you doing enough to keep them engaged and loyal to your organizations? If not, Jerome provides the techniques she uses to help recognize and appreciate the value the hidden middle bring to an organization. As she says, "We operate at the highest levels of effectiveness when we work as a whole."
Leader Profile
Veteran with Vision: A Profile of Reggie PearsonWhat does good leadership require? If you ask Reggie Pearson, Vice President of Operations at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, you will receive a similar answer each time. He says, "Having clear vision is a crucial element in leadership because how can you effectively lead others if you can't see where you are going? Good leaders can clearly see what they are trying to achieve and articulate that objective succinctly to those they lead." In this Leader Profile, Pearson details how his time in the military was the foundation for his success in healthcare.   
Blog Bits
The Best Executive-Job Candidates In October 2016, Zachary Smith wrote the article, "The Best Search Committees," focusing on the characteristics of successful search committees. To provide candidates with an understanding of how to be favorably received by these search committees, search consultants and campuses, Smith wrote a follow up article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, "The Best Executive-Job Candidates," sharing the tendencies, attributes and behaviors the best candidates encompass. 
Women and College Sports Leadership: Inroads and Issues | In a powerful interview moderated by Witt/Kieffer's Greg Santore for D1.ticker, University of Texas Women's Athletic Director Chris Plonsky and Women Leaders in College Sports CEO Patti Phillips open up about women in leadership roles in collegiate sports. Women have made progress in the field but it has been inconsistent and is uncertain to continue. The challenges ahead for women are proving their skills in key components of college sports, to include fundraising and having the encouragement from men in administrative positions to hire women. In this 30 minute interview, Plonsky and Phillips provide an in-depth understanding of what the future is for women in sports leadership positions. 
Recruiting Healthcare CISOs: Keep the Big Picture in Mind| The critical importance of information security is just becoming fully realized. As a result, the healthcare Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role is becoming more and more significant, Nick Giannas explains in this blog post. In the Healthcare Informatics article, " In an Ever-Intensifying Threat Environment, Healthcare CISOs Become Part of the Bigger Picture," Giannas notes, "There needs to be an executive to oversee security across all of the organization's business areas and to encourage a culture of information security."
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