Wolf Creek Lodge Newsletter 
Adult Cohousing in Grass Valley, CA
September, 2017

Editor - Bob Miller
This newsletter has a potpourri of vignettes about Wolf Creek Lodge and its members.

Many members are travelling at this time of the year. We share reports from some of them.

We have a hearing loop system.

You will see that we spared no effort chasing the eclipse.

There are currently no homes available at Wolf Creek Lodge but there are homes that we know will come on the market. By the time you have properly investigated the Wolf Creek Lodge community and got your existing home ready to sell there will be a home available. See "Available Homes" below. Contact us if you are interested so we can be more specific.

Bob Miller,
Hearing Loop System
Hearing loop installed sign
Although all the guys are in denial let me tell you there are a few of us who do not hear so well as in our youth. Some of the ladies seem to be equally afflicted. 

One of our members noticed an article in the local paper about a company specializing in the installation of hearing loop systems. The owner of the company decided that we would be great advocates for such a system so he installed a system in our common room. 

Now when we show a movie on the "big screen" those with T-Coils in their hearing aids or others using the special headphones can clearly hear the sound. 

hearing loop with arrow
The "loop" consists of a barely visible copper conductor on the ceiling of the common room. The loop is powered by a box connected to the audio output of the "media center". Many hearing aids include a T-Coil which, if enabled, can pick up the signal from the loop. Alternatively we have headphones that include a receiver for the loop signal.

Places of entertainment such as cinemas, theaters and churches should have such systems installed. If not COMPLAIN. 

The black arrow in the picture points to the loop on wooden beams on the ceiling.

The Master Sander      
Jim sanding

We have an apparently never ending task at Wolf Creek Lodge. 

On all three levels the walkways are bordered by railings capped by ironwood. Although ironwood can remain untreated and tolerate the elements the maintenance team experimented with sanding the iron wood and applying a finish. This dramatically revealed the fine texture and color of the wood.

 Jim has undertaken the seemingly endless task of sanding the ironwood. He can often be seen and heard wearing a mask with powered sander in hand.

He will go down in history with those responsible for finally painting the Forth Bridge.
Nancy is a professional violinist. Although now retired she still plays "gigs" here and there.

This month "there" was at a music festival in Eisenstadt, Austria.

Nancy played in the Schloss Esterhazy home of the Esterhazy family where Haydn spent many years.

She also played a mass by Haydn in St. Stephen's Cathedral in the center of Vienna.

In all she spent two weeks in Austria playing in five concerts.

Nancy tells us it was a "memorable experience".
Nancy Hill
Jacque is one of Wolf Creek's Lodge's most adventurous travelers.

This year she took a trip to Greenland and then Acadia National park.

We see her here kayaking among the icebergs. She did not try the swimming. We expect her back soon.
Jacque Kayak in Greenland
Karen and Dave
Karen and Dave bought an RV and set off on an adventure.

They went up the Oregon coast, around Olympic National Park Washington, over to Victoria and Vancouver Island British Columbia, the San Juan Islands and twenty days in the beautiful Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park

Here they are at the hot springs at Banff, wearing historically accurate bathing attire. Next time they will remember to bring their own.
Karen and Dave - Banff Hot Springs
Wolf Creek Lodge went all out to see the eclipse.

Most determined were Bob B., Deleaua and Dick who traveled to Oregon to be in the path of totality.

Back at the lodge members produced a variety of instruments to enable safe viewing.

We had three pin hole cameras - one in a shoe box, another in a plastic plate and a third at the top of a long cardboard tube.

We also had a lens from a pair of reading glasses mounted on a card board lid on a tripod (perhaps an example of over engineering)

In addition we used a colander and noticed that even leaves on a tree on the patio produced multiple images.

Once again Wolf Creeks Lodge's visiting professor of astronomy, Steve, was there to offer explanations.

When it was all over we sat down for a potluck lunch.

The eclipse turned out to be a spontaneous community event.
image of eclipse
Here is an image of the eclipsed sun on the screen of the pin hole camera using a cardboard tube.
eclipse viewer
Here you can see a pair of reading glasses mounted on a cardboard lid with a cutout for one of the lenses.

Perhaps a solution in search of a problem.
Eclipse viewers
Some of the viewers looking at the image cast by a colander.
Eclipse image from Colander
Many images of the eclipsed sun produced by the holes in the colander.
plate pin hole Dave Joyce
See the plate with a pin hole casting an image on the white cardboard. Joyce, a retired teacher, also had a shoe box based pin hole camera. You can see it on the bench.
Eclipse lunch potluck
We then gathered around tables on the patio to talk about the sun, the moon and everything else.
Nevada County Fair
The Nevada County Fairgrounds are less than a mile from the lodge. Their big event is the County Fair - this year from August 9th to 13th. . The Fair has everything - carnival, Treat Street, monster truck racing, farm animals, extreme rodeo, frozen T-shirt challenge, Fiber Guild, Wood Turners, Fly Wheelers and much more. Let's focus on participation by lodge members.
Fair - Jo First
Jo received a blue ribbon for her shawl.
Jo Fair
Another shawl entered by Jo.
Two of Krista's horses were in the gaited horse drill team - Dusty and Fred. Krista rode Dusty while a friend rode Fred. Here is Krista with her Missouri Foxtrotter mare, Dusty.
Krista and Dusty at Fair
Wardrobe repairs
More on Jo and Krista who are featured above.

Krista needed to to represent Wolf Creek Lodge at a business meeting in Grass Valley. The cowgirl image would not have been appropriate. Fortunately Jo was on hand to do some last minute wardrobe repairs on the patio - only in cohousing.
jo helping Krista
Dabbling in the Dirt
Tumbler Composter
Our regular "Dabbling in the Dirt" columnist is also travelling - she is somewhere near the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, with her sister.

We can report that the landscaping team is trying out a new approach to composting. Previously we composted kitchen waste in two composting enclosures.

We are now using a tumbler composter. The landscape team hope this will be easier to use and should produce compost more quickly. So far it's looking good.
Letter from #204
Suzanne Marriott
A Sweet Excursion
Suzanne for Newsletter
I almost didn’t go. Co-lodger Pam and I were planning a day at Lake Tahoe, but rain was forecast, and we were having second thoughts. But go we did, and this proved to be the right decision! The scene at The Lake was one of the most dramatic I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve been going there since I was a child.

We were on the West shore of Lake Tahoe, at Sugar Pine Point State Park. Looking across to the East shore of The Lake, we could see thunder clouds, distant sheets of rain, and occasional flashes of lightning. The play of softly shifting light brought forth shades of blue, silver and gold to the sky and waters before me. I spend quite some time sitting quietly by the shore, mesmerized by the scene before me. 
Lake Tahoe
Pam at Lake Tahoe
Sugar Pine State Park was originally the home of Isais W. Hellman and family, from 1903 to 1965 when Hellman’s great-granddaughter sold the 1,116 acres to California State Parks. Near the water is their 11,703-sq. ft. mansion that still welcomes visitors via docent led tours. Others of San Francisco’s elite built seasonal retreats like Pine Lodge, bringing with them an “elegant and leisurely way of living,” according to the posted information. The architects were Bliss and Faville. By the way, Bliss State Park, another great place to visit, is just up the road before Emerald Bay.

I urge you to visit Lake Tahoe, only an hour and a half from Wolf Creek Lodge. It’s gorgeous in any season!
Available Homes
There are no homes currently available at Wolf Creek Lodge. However, if you are interested in cohousing and Wolf Creek Lodge we encourage you to find out more. This should be a deliberate process. By the time you have decided you want to buy a home we expect there will be one available.

We try to keep the latest status on our website. By checking on these links to the website during the month you will get the latest updates. Here are the links: 
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