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Adult Cohousing in Grass Valley, CA
November, 2017
Editor - Bob Miller
This month we celebrated the Wolf Creek Lodge 5th anniversary. Suzanne celebrates in song below.

We also saw the installation of our Solar Photo-voltaic system. The panels are on the roof, connected to the inverters and ready to switch on.

There are currently no homes available at Wolf Creek Lodge but there are homes that we know will come on the market. By the time you have properly investigated the Wolf Creek Lodge community and got your existing home ready to sell there will be a home available. See "Available Homes" below. Contact us if you are interested so we can be more specific.

Bob Miller,
Cohousing Neighbors
We welcomed a large group from Truckee at Wolf Creek Lodge. They are a forming cohousing group. See Truckee Cohousing. They have a "Getting it Built" workshop on November 4th-5th.

Another neighboring group, "Fair Oaks EcoHousing", have their ground breaking ceremony on November 3rd. See Fair Oaks Ecohousing/
Our Solar Photovoltaic System
Sun at work
In the June newsletter we described how the Solar Team had investigated the feasibility of installing a solar photo-voltaic system to generate electricity for the common areas. They received approval to proceed from the community at a General Meeting.

Since then the team selected a vendor - California Solar Electric Co. - located in down town Grass Valley. They have completed the installation. We now await "Permission to Operate" from P.G.& E.
The Installation
solar supports
First racks are installed on the roof. They used four different locations on the roof.
solar wire
You cannot have electricity without wires. Here four wires are combined to provide the required connections.
Solar installation
Here is Laura from England high up the roof working on the wiring.
Solar Panels
Here are some of the panels - now ready to go.
Lodge with solar panels
Here are three sets of panels on the roof. There is another set on the end roof to the right making 4 sets in all. We have a total of 55 panels that, when the sun is shining and in the right position, will generate 24 kW of electricity. If that's more than we need then P.G.&E. distributes it to our neighbors and gives us a credit.
The solar cells in the panels generate less than a volt of electricity. By connecting them in series they deliver 350 volts. However, this is DC (direct current). The electric grid operates on AC (alternating current) thanks to Westinghouse. The two inverters above convert the DC current to AC. They also report power production information to a server on the internet.

We are ready to go when P.G.&E. gives us "Permission to Operate". The Tesla and the GM Volt will be first in-line.
Why solar at Wolf Creek Lodge?

Some were motivated to reduce the carbon dioxide emitted to produce our electricity, others to save money. Most probably motivated for both reasons.

As we were finalizing the project we received a special bo nus. The family of Wayne Vasey (who passed on July 27th) provided the funds for the installation of the solar system in Wayne's memory. 

So rather than paying off the capital cost of the installation over 10 years we will immediately enjoy low cost electricity.
The Witches Return
Three Halloween Witches
Long time readers of these columns will be familiar with the three witches who appear every Halloween. They were there again yesterday.

Now we thought it was all good fun but these witches seem so dedicated to their task that we are beginning to wonder.

We are checking the web for a test to determine if someone is a witch ... more next month.
Travel Section
Sandra Pottery Trip in Japan
Members continue to travel far and wide.

This month we feature Sandra's journey. She went on a pottery trip to Japan. We see her here at Imbe, the home of Bizen Pottery,

Her group is examining items of pottery they have just bought. The potter is in the center.
Letter from #104
Suzanne Marriott
Five-Year Anniversary
Oct. 6, 2012 to Oct. 6, 2017
Suzanne for Newsletter
It was twenty years ago today (actually five)
That Sgt. Pepper came to see us play
We’ve never gone out of style
And we’re guaranteed to raise a smile
So may I introduce to you
The act you’ve known for all these years
Wolf Creek Lodge-es Happy Hearts Club Band

We’re Wolf Creek Lodge-es Happy Hearts Club Band
We really do enjoy our show
We’re Wolf Creek Lodge’s Happy Hearts Club Band
We celebrate and love the flow
It’s wonderful to be here
It’s certainly a thrill
You’re such a lovely audience
We’d like to take you home with us
We’d love to take you home

Anniversaries do come and go
But I thought you might like to know
It was our Fifth Anniversary
Since we moved to our community
And we want you all to come along
And be part of our cohousing song
We’re Wolf Creek Lodge-es Happy Hearts Club Band
So come ye all hand-in-hand
And join us in our Happy Heart’s Club Land

(Apologies to Billy Shears.)
Jacque with 5 year cake
Jacque displays the 5th year birthday cake.
Audience at the 5th Anniversary
Suzanne gave a slide show of the years from 2006 (the group formed) to 2012 (move-in).
Digging in the Dirt
Claire Miller
Claire for column
Grass Valley has two outstandingly colorful events – the sunsets, which happen very frequently, and colored leaves, the last ‘hurrah’ of every summer.

There is one tree in particular that’s a real eye catcher. It grows in the middle of the patio- a maple whose leaves turn a brilliant red. Now, in its fifth year, the top of this tree is above the level of the third floor, with a spread in proportion.

Summer evenings we enjoyed meals, chatting over nibbles and drinks, and just ‘being’- sitting under its shade. For a few weeks there was the intense color, visible from every front window.
tree in fall
Now the color is fading, and leaves are falling. If you’re quiet, you can hear them whispering as they come down. You can hear that discussion continue as the wind swirls them around the patio. Then when you sweep them up, they crunch under foot and in the bag, giving off the clean warm smell of fall.

The leaves are almost all down now. Just a few more cling in determined fashion. We considered trying to hold the process back – glue? Forbidding the wind to blow? But even if it worked, it somehow wouldn’t be the same ;-(

Meanwhile, 20 feet away, the daffodils and hyacinths have sent up the first shoots of spring!!!  Whatever are they thinking?!
Available Homes
There are no homes currently available at Wolf Creek Lodge. However, if you are interested in cohousing and Wolf Creek Lodge we encourage you to find out more. This should be a deliberate process. 

By the time you have decided you want to join our community, have downsized your possessions and prepared to market your current home chances are a home will be available at Wolf Creek Lodge.

We try to keep the latest status on our website. By checking on these links to the website during the month you will get the latest updates. Here are the links: 

Contact us: phone: (800) 558-3775 

For details of Open Houses and much more visit our website at:
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