Wolf Creek Lodge Newsletter
Adult Cohousing in Grass Valley, CA
February, 2017

Women's march - captol Building

Six of our members marched in Sacramento, Palo Alto and Oakland.  They returned to Wolf Creek Lodge enthused by the experience.

 They share their experiences and pictures in this newsletter. 

As the years pass in Wolf Creek Lodge we are developing traditions in the way we celebrate the holidays.

Since our last news letter we have celebrated the New Year. We choose to celebrate it with those in New York who do it before we go to bed.   This year for the first time we had a talent show.  A fun way to learn more about our members.

Those who read last month's edition will be relieved to learn that the rubber chicken made an appearance.

On January 25th we held the second annual Wolf Creek Lodge Burns Supper.  We learned that a sporran is for carrying your iPhone.

Currently only a two bedroom home is available at Wolf Creek Lodge. See "Available Homes" below.

Contact us if you are interested so we can be more specific.

Bob Miller,
Women's March
                  Our participants share their experiences:
In Sacramento and Oakland
3 Members Marching

"Choosing to live in Wolf Creek Lodge cohousing is a commitment to our community of persons as well as earth, air, water, sky, and gardens.  

Going to the women's march was coextensive with this commitment.  

Joining one out of 10 people in the US and more around the world was a chance to stand up for health on earth, justice, and profound neighborliness.  Everyone there was kind, considerate, and joyful.  Our firm criticism is the other side of our affirmations.  The many pink pussy hats expressed this perfectly.

Appropriately, days of grey cold rain and fog dissolved into sunshine as we arrived, so humans and earth felt wonderfully synchronized.  What a privilege to participate!"

"I marched with my walker.  There was no way I was going to stay home.  I have  precious younger family members and grandchildren to represent and those who could walked, too.  I was energized  by the positive signs being held, by the young, the old, the dark and light faces, the families and those pushing wheelchairs and strollers. I’m hopeful that many were inspired to stay involved"                                   

"It was wonderful to be with like minded people.  It was always positive and very, very empowering."

"I decided to march with my daughter in Oakland .We planned to use the Bart but there were too many people with the same plan. We walked instead.

The signs were great - very creative and thought provoking. We saw many families,  some with kids in strollers."
Jo Marching
Womens March - Virginia
"I took part in the March, Saturday January 21 in Sacramento for my daughter and granddaughter.  There was no other place to be that day!"

"I marched in Sacramento with several members of my family as well as some co-housing neighbors.  What impressed me about the march was how peaceful and upbeat it was.  People were genuinely considerate and friendly.  I saw many families that marched together —several of them with representatives from three generations!  And the best part?  The sun was shining for the first time in days!!"
In Palo Alto
"During the inauguration I participated in a human chain that stretched all along El Camino adjacent to Stanford University in Palo Alto. There were many participants of both sexes representing many diverse causes. It was positive, very upbeat and exhilarating with much car honking waving and thumbs ups. I was grateful to have the opportunity to be proactive and part of Love triumphing over Hatred. The banner I was holding said KINDNESS IS MAGICAL "  
Karen - Womens March
Letter from #104
      Suzanne Marriott
                   To Write or Not to Write, That is the Question:
                           The Sierra Writers’ Conference
Suzanne at writers conference
From January 20-21 I attended the Sierra Writers’ Conference on the Sierra College campus in Grass Valley. It was a most informative and inspiring event put on by Sierra Writers ( http://www.sierrawriters.org), a club to which I belong. The weekend included professional and peer critique sessions on Friday and a full schedule of events on Saturday, including an inspiring keynote speech by local poet Molly Fisk, followed by small groups sessions on The Craft of Writing, Marketing & Publishing, The Road to Success, and more, each lead by a published author. I was most impressed by the wealth of talent here in Nevada County, and I appreciated the opportunities to learn from and share with other writers. 

Bob Branstrom - hat

As the conference was held on the same Saturday as the Women’s March, we were in solidarity with and in support of this effort, as witnessed by the pink pussy had worn by Wolf Creek Lodge member, Bob Branstrom. He was not alone.

I would like to share a quote that also appeared in our wonderful Conference Journal created by local writer Joyce Wycoff ( http://www.JoyceWycoff.com):

“We are lonesome animals. We spend all our life trying to be less lonesome. One of our ancient methods is to tell a story begging the listener to say - - - and to feel - - -  ‘Yes, that’s the way it is, or at least that’s the way I feel it. You’re not as alone as you thought.’”
John Steinbeck

Claire for column
Digging in the Dirt
     Claire Miller  

January 2017 will become known as “the month of the rain”.   It really didn’t stop! And this was no gentle misty dampness. It was RAIN, Rain!! 
Today I see a notice that the “drought” is officially over in northern California.  Reservoirs are nicely topped up and Wolf Creek is running like quite a reasonable little river.
The plants loved it. Now, with two days of warm, spring like sunshine, everything is truly coming alive.
The delicate looking (but actually tough as nails) primroses, cyclamen, and Christmas roses are out in bloom. Everything else is in bud. It’s fun to get hands in the mud again.

BUT – less than an hour’s drive away, up on Donner summit there is a snow base over 20ft. deep.  All those trails and mountains are just waiting to be skied!!   Morning is for gardening, afternoon is for skiing!
Gotta Go!  Bye till next time!
haggis 2017
Our haggis
Robert helps himself to a portion of haggis at the Burns Supper.

" Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, 
Great chieftain o the puddin'-race!
Aboon them a' ye tak your place,
Painch, tripe, or thairm"

To end the evening Robert played Auld Lang Syne on his accordion while members sang, linked arms and converged together in the traditional way.
Available Homes
A two bedroom home is now available. 

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