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From Feed Store to Sanctuary

Houseon in the feed stor kennel prior to being confiscated.  Photo_ Houston SPCA

Houston in the feed store kennel prior to being confiscated.
Photo courtesy Houston SPCA.

Houston after being confiscated. Photo courtesy Houston SPCA.
He spent six weeks in a shelter after being confiscated. Houston SPCA.

Living in Feed Store

He was all alone in a filthy kennel at a feed store in Texas. His diet consisted of beef jerky. He was 30 pounds underweight. In response to complaint calls, our friends at the Houston SPCA rescued him, along with 20-30 other animals. He spent six  weeks of his young life in a shelter while awaiting DNA results and the completion of court proceedings. The owner was convicted of cruelty and the DNA results show that he is a wolf or a high content wolfdog.

Lucrative Wolf/Wolfdog Trade
Houston enjoys a stuffed pumpkin for enrichment
Houston enjoys a stuffed
pumpkin for enrichment.
The growing and lucrative trade in captive wolves and wolfdogs is heartbreaking and unnecessary. While the idea of owning a wolf or wolfdog can be appealing to some people, many of these animals live tragic lives when their owners become frustrated and unable to cope with their behavior. Wolves and wolfdogs in captivity are often untrainable and unpredictable- leading to a life on the end of a chain or in a small neglected kennel. Meanwhile, shelters are filled with dogs who want and need a relationship with a caring human.

Houston in his forever
home at Wolf Haven.
Providing Forever Home
Providing a forever home for this new arrival to our sanctuary is at the core of what we do. He will have a safe, lifetime home with an appropriate companion, healthy food and veterinary care. He will be treated with compassion, respect and dignity until the end of his days. He will not suffer again. 
FROM OUR HEARTS thank you all for your continuous support. It is because of every one of you that we can rescue wolves from unfortunate pasts and ensure them a high quality of life at Wolf Haven.
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