Wolfhound Wednesday
September 24, 2014
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Dear Parents,


Next week on September 29th we will start our School Safety Drills using concepts from the ALICE training.  The first two trainings this year will help students learn to think about what worked and didn't work when we had "lock down" drills the past few years.  These early drills will lay the groundwork for helping students to learn that they should quickly assess a situation and do what is best based on what is happening.  The teachers will be leading age appropriate discussions using prompts such as the following:

  • If we needed to get out of the building as quickly and safely as possible, what could we do?
  • Let's talk about how we did "lock down drills" the last couple of years.  What did they look like? 
  • What are some of the problems that this presents?

This initial "drill" will take 10 minutes and will be just the very beginning of training everyone to think differently about safety drills.

The second drill will take place on October 29th for 10 - 15 minutes and will build on the notes that were taken in each classroom during the initial drill.  The notes will be reviewed in each classroom and then the teachers will lead discussions using prompts such as the following:

  • Review notes from last Drill #1
  • If the door was broken and we couldn't get out, what could we do to stay in safe in our room?
  • How could we solve some of the problems that we talked about last month?
  • Teachers may choose to practice spreading out and hiding within the room if time permits.

The 3rd drill for the year will be designed based on the feedback from the teachers about the readiness of the students after the initial drills.  I will update you again at that time.  


Our first round of student-led conferences will begin this evening.  As a staff, we are excited to continue with our development of teaching students to set appropriate learning and behavior goals, to learn to collect data and measure growth, and to be accountable for sharing their work with parents and teachers.  Increased motivation, confidence, and self advocacy are evident in students as they continue to grow in their understanding of the goal setting process.  Please keep in mind that both parents and teachers are encouraged to initiate communication any time during the year if there is a student concern.  We believe that it is better to address a student concern or clarify a situation in a timely manner.  


Please note that next week our regular Thursday school Mass will be moved to participate in the Pink Mass on Wednesday, October 1st .  We will be joining in prayer with all schools in the diocese for all cancer victims, survivors, and caregivers.  Students are invited to wear pink accents with their uniforms.  Please join us if your schedule allows. 




Kathleen O'Reilly


Upcoming Events:

Wed, Sept 24
Student Led Conferences
(5-8 pm)
Thurs, Sept 25
Student-Led Conferences
(5-8 pm)
Sun, Sept 28

MyScrip Delivery Date

Altar Server Training (6:30 - 8:00 pm)

Wed, Oct 1

Einstein Alive

Interims go home

Sun, Oct 5

Book Fair Begins This Week

Mon, Oct 6

MyScrip Order/Payment Date

Tues, Oct 7

Celebration of Belonging (First Communion candidates) 6:30 pm

Wed, Oct 8

Home & School Mtg (8:30 am) 

Sat, Oct 11

Protecting God's Children 

(9 am)

Barn Bash

Sun, Oct 12

MyScrip Delivery Date

Wed, Oct 15

Confirmation Candidate & Parent Meeting - Mandatory (7:30 pm)

Thurs, Oct 16

Early Release (1:30 pm)

Sun, Oct 19

8th Grade Dance Club (7 pm)


September Photo Newsletters: 5th and 6th Grades

This week, we have photo newsletters from 5th and 6th grades (click the images below to view). There are also new photos in the All School News album this week (check out pictures from the SPICE Family Fun Day on Saturday). Next week look for newsletters from 7th and 8th grades and specials.


To view, click a photo then scroll down to read the caption describing the activity and content the students are learning. You can then hit the arrow icon to the right or left of the photo to scroll through to the next photo.


You can also find the link to these newsletters by clicking "Calendar and News" on our website, then clicking "Photo Newsletters" on the left.


5th Grade Newsletter:6th Grade Newsletter:All School  News:

SPiCE Webpage Updated

Our SPiCE webpage has been recently updated with upcoming events and activities. To view the page, visit www.stbrigidofkildare.com, then click "Get Involved," "Parent Programs," then "SPICE." 


Some additions include information on:

  • Walk for Autism - October 12, 2014, as well as how to join Team Eliot (Owens)
  • SPICE Community Speaker Laura Lewis - November 13, 2014 at St. Brigid (speaking on Conflict management, problem-solving and critical thinking skills and behaviors: Parents' Role as Partners)
Family Directory Updated 

The St. Brigid Family Directory was been updated on September 23. 


The Family Directory is available by logging into SchoolSpeak, then clicking "Family Directory" under the Quick Links on the left hand side, or you can access it by clicking here.


If your address or information is still missing and you would not like it to be, log in to your SchoolSpeak account, click "Edit my Profile," then uncheck the boxes under your address, phone numbers and email address (a checked box means it will hide your information from other parents). Please contact the school office if you have any questions. 

Home & School Board & Committee Chairs Directory Posted

The 2014-2015 Home & School Board & Committee Chairs directory is now posted on the website.


You can access it by going to stbrigidofkildare.com, clicking "Get Involved," then "Parent Programs," then "Home & School." 


Here is a direct link to the page.

Students tasted kale chips from the garden last week.
Students Enjoying Fresh Vegetables From the Garden

Our students have been reaping the harvest from the St. Brigid vegetable garden this fall!


Last week, Mrs. Sapp's class picked the kale

from the garden, which the kitchen then made into kale chips for students to sample during lunch.  


The week before, the class also picked zucchini from the garden which the kitchen used to make muffins for the salad bar.  


We have also been enjoying the onions, cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden for lunch as well!

Altar Server Training

All new Altar Servers are invited to attend the training on September 28, 2014 in the Church from 5:00 until 6:30 p.m. Those in 6th grade and higher are welcome. 


Interested candidates please contact Mr. Matt Vulanich at stbrigidserver@gmail.com to receive the registration form.  Forms filled out by candidates and their parents are returned to Mr. Vulanich.  Parents are asked to attend the first part of the training for a short introduction to the responsibilities of being an Altar Server.

8th Grade Dance Club

All St. Brigid 8th Graders -- mark your calendars now for the annual 8th Grade St. Brigid/St. Brendan Dance Club!


This dance tradition has taken place for more than 12 years.  There is usually 100% participation from both schools, so we hope you will join in on the fun!  Learn street dancing, line dancing, ballroom dancing, rock-n-roll and dance etiquette from Mr. Ron Clark of Dance Plus Balllroom. 


A formal invitation and additional details will be sent to you soon.


New Community Events Page

We have a new Community Events page under the "Calendar & News" tab on our website. This is where we'll post information on relevant events in our local community. 


Check there now for information on the Mt. Carmel St. Ann's Evening with best-selling author Lisa Genova, PhD, coming up October 16. You can find the page by clicking here.


If you have information you'd like posted to that page, email it to Allie Wing at awing@cdeducation.org

Pumpkin & Bake Sale Volunteers Needed

The Women's Club is looking for volunteers to sign up for baking, unloading pumpkins, and working the pumpkin and bake sale which is October 18-19. 

To view the flyer with sign up information, click here.

Boys & Girls Basketball Sign Ups Going On Now

All children in 4th through 8th grade enrolled at St. Brigid of Kildare School or St. Brigid Religious Education are eligible to play for St. Brigid in the Diocesan league.  


For more information and to register, click here. 


The deadline is October 17th, 2014. All fees and applications must be received by this date.  Late applications may be placed on a waiting list.


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