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Greetings, Lovers of the Green,
I am excited to have enrolled two new apprentices for our fall session of    Women and Plants, Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program.
Fall is such a wonderful time to begin a deep exploration, to see what is hidden beneath.  The mysterious teachings of the earth are such deep treasures.

We have just two weeks until our apprenticeship program begins on September 28-29, 2013. 

We will have a bit of space and there is still time to come join us. 

If you are ready to live in your fullness, to live as a wise woman and to be a way shower for others, come join us. 

May it be in Beauty. 

Our Women and Plants ~ Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program  will begin again with a new session, September 28-29, 2013. 

As the plants express themselves fully, we too will learn from them to express our brilliance and our potCalendula-Red Clover in Basketency.

Within the space of this apprenticeship program you will see what is possible. 

The plants and the earth will teach you

We listen. We give thanks.

There is a greater gateway that is opening for this work right now. 

Come and join our powerful circle of women.  We would love to join hands with you, sing with you, share talking stick with you, listen with you and gather herbs with you.

Email me, and I will send you an apprentice application. 

Follow this link for details about Women and Plants ~ Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program.

Apprentices Share Their Stories:

Ryanne's Story:
  I came to the Women and Plants Shamanic Apprenticeship not as a broken person but as a person with the desire to dig deeply into myself and discover more about who I really am and about the healer I would like to become.
The space for growth, learning and healing that Julie holds and creates has meant the world to mewild rose blossom. The act of showing up on the land and watching the seasons change as well as connecting in with the plants month to month has given me the desire to maintain this ritual of going outside and paying attention to what is around me in my day to day life.  We all have the capacity to receive input from nature, it's a matter of paying attention.
Working in depth with the Seven Medicines I have changed how I communicate my views about health and healing.  We are all walking our own paths as whole beings. With the knowledge I have received from Julie's teachings, I am confident in Shamanic    Herbalism and I know that any road I choose to take in life will be the right one. Looking back on the last 16 months, a great deal has changed for me largely due to our monthly circle. I learned that showing up isn't just important for us as individuals but that our presence can have impact for those around us.
I am changed forever and deeply grateful to have Julie as a teacher in my life.
Ryanne Hoogeboom completed Women and Plants Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program and was initiated April 21, 2013

Emily's Story

There was something more- and although I had an idea of what it was I desired in my life, I had no power to change it, only fear and insecurity about how to live my life around it.  This was not working for me.  I was tired of living in fear, annoyed with not loving my authentic self, frustrated because I believed I was powerless.
And then I met Julie.
Douglas Fir Through out the Shamanic Apprenticeship program I was tested- my ego was challenged.  It was not always easy.  Using the Seven Medicines I was able to break through old patterns, old feelings and thoughts that no longer served me.  I was taught to explore the small voice in me that insisted on being heard.  That voice grew stronger over the 16 months, and I finally recognized it as my own intuition, something I could trust fully.
This program is not for the flippant or unwilling.  I was held accountable for my words and actions.  I was forced to dig deeper in my own self to find the old wounds previously not healed.  I cried,  I got angry.  I saw that in order to be the healer I knew I was- I too, had to heal.  In return, through Julie and the other apprentices I was loved for who I am as a woman, as a lover of our green world, as a special, one-of-a kind creature of the universe... as me.   
There is a space in each of us where the mystery awaits.  It is a space of opening, of change, of awareness.  The path of the shaman is unfolding before me, and with the tools I have acquired working with Julie I am able to walk the spiral path with trust instead of trepidation.  I have no longer found myself daydreaming about who I want to be- I have initiated my authentic self and am discovering all the potential from living from this space... and it is nothing like I had ever imagined. 
I am grateful for Julie and her wisdom, for the other women I have met on this Green Path - who share their vulnerability and strength.  I am grateful to recognize now the power I have to change my life.
Emily Martens, Completed Women and Plants Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program and was initiated April 15, 2012

Denise's Story:
Dear Julie,
I think the greatest gift you have given me (and there are many) is the immediacy of the connection to the plants.      Even though I have just begun this work and will continue learning until my last breath, I know that at any given moment I can walk up to a plant, breathe with it, ask a question and there will be an answer. Wild Rose in the Grass This kind of experience is not in a book, it is in the tending of the garden, walking on your land, gathering the salad greens and passing the talking stick.  Your program brings herbalism into daily life.  I didn't have to "check my life at the door"  In fact it was necessary that I bring it in and let the plants have a look at it.  
Your program taught me how to listen to the plants through all the seasons and gain insight into my life through their teachings. Your program made me aware of their generosity and infinite possibilitites.  All of which I can take back into my daily life and continue to learn and experience.  
The Wise Woman Tradition is a gift that your program places in to the lap of the apprentice.  I am forever changed by this program and remember it as one of the primary milestones in my life.  As a teacher you were able to nurture and challenge me.  I felt free to be myself, ask any question and explore all obstacles as possibilities.  
Your generosity knows no bounds and gave me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in your program.  I am forever changed by your mentorship and friendship.  I am humbled, more fully myself on the path of health, wholeness and holiness. Blessed Be, Denise
Denise Paulette~Completed Women and Plants Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program and was initiated January 2, 2009

Molly's Story:
I simply cannot imagine life today without the knowledge and beauty I've found in Julie's teachings.  It's as if an ancient seed of wisdom that I've been yearning for my whole life has been aroused and brought me back home and present, to my Self.  I reflect upon this last year working so intimately with the land and realize how drastically different my perception of reality was before, and how little of St. Joan's Wort my power I was actually utilizing.  I've fallen in love with Mother Earth, and have felt her heart beat.  She is now a conscious Being to me, a lover, a friend, a guide and healer. Her green children - the plants, have held me safely in their wisdom, opening me to possibility and Divinity in each moment.  The plants are speaking to us; they are a part of us in this cosmic web of life.  They hold  information that need not be an elusive secret!  I feel safe on this planet now, seeing, feeling and experiencing how much beauty and creation is all around us, inside of us.  Nothing can phase me.
My journey as an apprentice has brought me back to the core of my true, potent and powerful nature and it's REAL magic.  It's taken a great deal of courage to open myself up to these teachings.  It's taken me a great deal of commitment to show up every Friday, especially with a lengthy commute.  I've made sacrifices and have taken giant leaps of faith to heed the calling of my instincts, and what I discovered in this process was a higher Truth and Absolute Love and        reverence for all that is before me.  
Partaking in Women and Plants Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program is one of the most beautiful decisions I've ever made for myself, and that alone fills my heart and Being with such joy and gratitude!  Life today feels purposeful, effortless, and just plain awesome; a true dance through the Garden of Eden.
Molly Allen~Completed Women and Plants Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program and was initiated May 1, 2010

Kelli's Story
Julie's Women and Plants apprenticeship program offers the chance to connect deeply with healing plants and strong, inspiring women. My journeys to Whidbey Island offered lessons on showing up, integrity and healing. I enjoyed spending time outside exploring the farm and nearby Chinook land. The program lasts 16 Trees of Mt. Rainer months, which at first may seem a long commitment, soon transforms into a joyous opportunity to slow down to witness the seasons. Listen to your breath and unlock the mysterious whisperings of our little green friends. Each weekend we worked with different plants, appreciating the smells, tastes and stories they bring to the table. While no two apprenticeships with Julie will ever be exactly the same, they will hold a special space for you to grow. I am thankful for this apprenticeship and am continuing working with plants in the Wise Woman Tradition.
Kelli Refer~Completed Women and Plants, Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program and was initiated December 11, 2012

This work that I offer is so simple really.  And yet has supported people not only to learn about the plants and their wisdom, how to prepare them and how to utilize them for healing....this shamanic herbalism work with the plant
supports people to find a deep and true sense of themselves, with the earth and plants as teachers. 

Peace and Abundant Green Blessings, Julie

Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter
Sharing the Compassionate Wisdom of the Plants and Cultivating Seeds of Possibility, Shamanic Herbalism Programs ~ Prosperity Coaching ~ Nourishing Herbal Creations, 360-579-2319 ~ ~