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Women's Driving Clinic


 Monday May 20th


Lake Elsinore West Marina



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Dear Ladies,


This is a personal note from me to you.  I have been on the water with my husband for over 15 years.  I LOVE the time I spend with my family and friends on the boat!  It is my favorite way to relax with them.  We have two kids that have been on the boat since they were days old.  Believe me when I tell you, I have seen it all!   


I want to do these women's clinics because I want YOU to feel comfortable, in control  and happy when you are on the water.  There is nothing worse than starting an amazing family trip and having a spat on the launch ramp!  You should not feel like a visitor on your own boat.  Not only is it not fun, but it is NOT SAFE!   I know that learning from the guys on your own boat is a disaster waiting to happen (sorry boys)!


You need to be able to take control of the boat,  your tow vehicle and any situation that arises!  We can help with that!  It just takes a few  instructions and a little practice. 


At this clinic you can get that practice, as well as tips from our staff in a low pressure environment.  It is on a day when the parking lot and ramp are quiet.   That is why we scheduled it on a Monday!



learn when your 4...

Learn when you are  4...  Learn when you are 40 or 50 or ....  geri surf

3 Stations at the Clinic


 ON LAND:  Work in the Parking Lot  on backing the trailer, prepping the boat for the water and just a little bit of basic maintenance. 

 (always best to practice with your actual tow vehicle, drive it to the clinic if you can)


ON RAMP:  Practice how to put the boat on the trailer and how to pull the boat up to the dock.  


ON LAKE: Tricks to being a great driver and confident 'captain of the ship'!   A few tips on teaching beginners, weighting the boat and riding.  Also some general safety rules of the lake!



Because of the smaller groups, our crew will be able to help you based on the level you are already at!  No experience?  We will get you started!   Already fairly comfortable?  We can turn you into everyone's favorite driver and teacher! 





THIS is my favorite view in my rear view mirror!  You can't get this is you aren't in the driver's seat once in awhile! 


learn when your 4...

See you on the water,

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NORCO CA 92860