Women's Success Center Newsletter
April 12th, 2017 Edition
In this edition, join us in honoring Janis Lindley, Cheryl Hanewicz, and Julia Mohr for their considerable contributions to Utah Valley University. 

Janis Lindley Receives the 5th Annual Rainmaker Award

Students, faculty, family, and friends gathered on March 9th in honor of Janis Lindley and her reception of the Rainmaker award. The Rainmaker award honors remarkable women whose courage, accomplishments, and success inspire female students to act on their dreams and attain their educational goals. 

Janis serves as Scholarship Chair on the Women's Success Center Advisory Board. Her scholarship fundraising efforts have given hundreds of women the opportunity to continue their education. 

Apply for 2017-2018 school year scholarships here. 
Days for Girls

In developing countries around the world, one of the biggest obstacles keeping girls from attending school is a lack of feminine hygiene. Without the appropriate products or sanitation options available, girls often have to stay home from school during their menstrual cycle. These days of isolation cause girls to fall behind in their social, educational, and professional pursuits.
Days for Girls is an organization determined to bring health, safety, and menstrual hygiene to girls everywhere. To support these efforts of global menstrual health, the Women's Success Center sponsored a volunteer opportunity on International Women's Day. In the course of a single afternoon, volunteers at UVU made a total of 540 hygiene kits for girls in Samoa.

Utah Women's Walk Honoree

Cheryl Hanewicz began her teaching career at Eastern Michigan State and is currently an Associate Professor and Department Chair in the Technology Management Department at Utah Valley University. She has also served as senior director of Student Success and Retention, chair for the University Planning Advisory Committee, and has spearheaded efforts at UVU to attract more women to technology-related fields.  

Her timely counsel to young women is, "Just do it! Be responsible. And if you have a commitment you do it well, and you get it done. You be thorough. You finish it."  

Spring Scholarships

It isn't too late to apply for private UVU scholarships!

Even though the priority deadline has passed, you can still apply. Many students were awarded from the second priority pool last year. Scholarships are available for everything from the Women's Success Center to a study abroad in France!

Cosmetic Surgery and Body Image

Most women in the United States aren't happy with the way they look, and the women of Utah are no exception. 

"We know women are capable of much more than being looked at, and once they believe that message, they can move on to accomplishing so many happy and worthwhile pursuits." - Dr. Lexi Kite 

Read Dr. Susan Madsen's recent research snapshot, "Cosmetic Surgery and Body Image Among Utah Women."

Thank You and Farewell 

The Women's Success Center would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to Julia Mohr. Julia served as the Care About Childcare Program Director at Utah Valley University for fifteen years. Her love of children and passion for quality care was exemplified through her work. Julia truly embodies the saying, "it takes a big heart to shape a little mind."
Julia started her journey in the early childhood field as a family child care provider. She then moved to work as an educator for the Care About Childcare at Five County Association of Governments in Richfield and surrounding areas. During her career, Julia served on the Utah Early Childhood Conference committee, Office of Child Care Advisory Board, and was co-founder of the Utah County Partners for Infants and Children group.  She received the Utah Association for the Education of Young Children's Mary Olsen "Friend of Children" Award.
Thank you, Julia Mohr, for your many years as a colleague, leader, educator, mentor, teacher, child care provider, and best of all, friend.

About the Women's Success Center at UVU
UVU's Women's Success Center was established in 2011 with the mission to help women enter and graduate from UVU. Recent studies show that Utah has the lowest graduation rates for women in the nation. The WSC helps women overcome barriers that can stop them from furthering their college education. They offer many services including: support, advocacy, individual success coaching, scholarship assistance, leadership opportunities and more. The Women's Success Center is dedicated to helping women see themselves as confident and capable of achieving their educational goals. To learn more visit the Women's Success Center Web site at  http://www.uvu.edu/wsc

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