Pow! K-tam Bam!

The boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign is pressing the Lebanese government to ban the new Wonder Woman movie.

Why? Because the heroine is played by Israeli superstar, Gal Gadot.

Other classic villains seeking to destroy Wonder Woman include Doctor Poison, Doctor Psycho and Giganta.

BDS fits right in with this crew.

Will this latest BDS campaign hurt Wonder Woman’s box office receipts? No. People all over the world will line up to see Gal Gadot, who is receiving much praise for her performance.

But stay tuned good people of Earth.

Watch the calls to boycott spread as BDS piggybacks on the publicity of this blockbuster film and spreads anti-Israel propaganda poisoning minds across the planet.

A classic plot in comic books? Not surprising coming from BDS propagandists whose false claim of human rights advocacy is a big joke.

Fortunately, Wonder Woman, the avatar of truth, justice and the Amazonian way will slay evil in this battle both on and off-screen.

The war is not over. But for now, it's -- SHAZAM! 

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